Chemistry on Mythbusters

About the Mythbusters TV Show

The cast of Discover Channel’s Mythbusters use the scientific method to test various urban legends, myths, things seen in movies, etc. to conclude whether each example is “busted”, “plausible”, or confirmed.” Questions investigated in recent shows include: “Can antacid tablets be used to blow a prison cell open?”, “Can a sonic shock wave shatter glass?”, and “Can someone really be knocked out of their socks?”

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Use Mythbusters to Jumpstart a Discussion

Mythbusters shows can lead to discussions about the scientific method, ways to control experiments, and the science behind some of the myths; however, the myth-testing experiments should not be recreated at home.

Common Chemistry Demonstrations on Mythbusters

Some Mythbusters episodes cover common chemistry demonstrations. Try these related demonstrations or show videos of them in your club. The suggested classic demonstrations do not and should not recreate the procedures performed by the Mythbusters.

Alka Seltzer rockets

Related Mythbusters episode: 2009, #134: Antacid Jail Break (investigates the idea that by mixing antacid tablets with water, a prisoner can blow his cell apart.

Quicksand goo and Lumpy liquids

Related Mythbusters episode: 2007, #78: Walking on Water (investigates ability to walk on cornstarch-water mixture)

Diet Coke and Mentos geyser

Related Mythbusters episode: 2006, #57: Diet Coke and Mentos (investigates why dropping Mentos into Diet Coke creates a geyser effect)


Related Mythbusters episode: 2009, #122: Thermite vs Ice (investigates idea that igniting a bucket full of thermite on top of ice blocks will cause an explosion)

Using liquid nitrogen to shatter items

Related Mythbusters episode: 2009, #130: Hurricane Windows (investigates whether a head dipped in liquid nitrogen will shatter or a Christmas tree frozen with liquid nitrogen will explode)

Sodium metal in water

Related Mythbusters episode: 2008, #100: Sodium Jailbreak (investigates whether one gram of sodium reacting with water can blow a man-sized hole in a wall.)