Cloth and Chemistry

tie-dyed cloth


You drape your body in it daily, but what do you really know about its science? Learn about different aspects of cloth, including ways to dye it, tests to identify kinds of fiber, what makes up your favorite shirt, and more.

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  • Fiber Test
    Channel your inner detective as you try to figure out the fabrics in this lab.
  • Great Balls of Fire
    Find out which fabrics burn the fastest and learn about laws related to clothing flammability.
  • Making Nylon—The "Nylon Rope Trick"
    Bring two liquids together, then pull a thread of nylon from between them. When will it end?
  • Making Rayon
    Start with cotton, end with rayon. Learn about the formation of this “regenerated fiber.”
  • Lost on Everest
    You’re climbing in extreme conditions on Mt. Everest. What are the best clothes to have in your pack?

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