Chemistry of Fireworks

Ottawa Township High School, Ottawa, IL
Ottawa Township High School, Ottawa, IL

The colorful and impressive fireworks displays seen at Fourth of July celebrations and other events pack a lot of chemistry into those “Ooooo! Aah!” moments. Learn more about the history, construction, shapes, and colors of fireworks.

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  • Chemical of the Week: Fireworks!
    Chemistry can be a blast as you get the scoop on which compounds give you which color, how to stay safe, and more.
  • How Fireworks Work
    Check out what goes into a firework, long before you see its explosive glow in the sky.
  • Kaboom!
    Fire up your learning as you dissect the anatomy of a firework and its chemistry.
  • I Didn't Know That: Fireworks
    Get up close and personal with the inner workings of a firework as you go behind the scenes at a fireworks company.

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