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blue geode


It’s true—chemistry really rocks! Explore the science of rocks and minerals with these demonstrations, activities, and articles. Build your own volcano in a cup, design and eat a soil profile, grow beautiful crystals, and more.  

  • Colorful Stalactites and Stalagmites
    Pink, blue-green, and blue. Watch these beauties form in your beakers as you learn about double replacement reactions.
  • Stalactites and Stalagmites
    Drugstore materials get you started with this crystallization demo. See what happens after hours, days, and weeks.
  • Magma Viscosity Demos
    No liquid hot magma here, but honey and toothpaste help you picture what happens with volcanoes.
  • Volcano in a Cup
    This mini volcano is mesmerizing. When and where will it blow its top?
  • Great Glaciers
    No need to wait years and years to observe a glacier. Pop this simulated glacier next to a sunny window and watch its effects on rocky soil.

Youtube ID: KKTXxZSz-9s

  • A Hole in the Ground
    Form an underground cave in a cup. Will your sandy landscape stay stable?
  • Paint with Soil!
    The ground beneath your feet can yield unusual materials for showing your artistic side.
  • Dirt Shirts
    It’s one time you won’t mind getting dirt on your shirt. Explore the use of soil as a natural dye.
  • Magma—All Gassed Up To Go!
    Sometimes the pressure can really get to you… especially if you’re magma. Can it find relief?
  • Incredible Egg Geode
    Don’t wait to find a geode lurking inside a rocky exterior—make your own with alum crystals and eggshells.

Youtube ID: 7cFYPYaD4zQ

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