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Jewelry and Science

Jewelry and Science

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Bring on the bling!

This collection of links explores the science of jewelry, including diamonds, gemstones, gold, and even a few metals you probably wouldn’t expect.

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  • Chemistry Rocks!
    The 30th anniversary of National Chemistry Week celebrated 2017 with a calendar featuring gemstones. The anniversary (and 2017) may be over, but you can still enjoy the pictures and descriptions from the calendar.
  • The Colour of Alexandrite
    Can’t decide between blue or purple-red? This gem lets you do both.
  • What Causes the Colour of Gemstones?
    What’s your favorite color? Find a gemstone that matches and learn about its chemistry.
  • Beauty Isn't Flawless
    Take a gander at this garnet. Its chemical irregularities bring beauty.
  • Chemistry Birthstone Calendar
    Gorgeous photos combo with the chemistry lowdown on each month’s stone. Find yours and learn.
  • The Colors of Gemstones
    What’s the source of the color? Well, it depends. Take a look at this table.

Youtube ID: gvGl51xOKTU

  • A Primer of Gemstones
    From A to Z (or agate to zircon), this primer gives you the lowdown on the world’s most prized gemstones.
  • Chemistry in the Gem & Mineral Hall
    It’s a full module of minerals. Don’t live near the Los Angeles County museum? Adapt its ideas to your own location.
  • Trash or Treasure?
    Could you spot a doctored gemstone? Learn how the professionals do it.
  • What's That Stuff? Opals
    Read about this “Queen of Gems.” So beautiful outside, so disordered inside.
  • Gems in a Bottle
    “For scientists, a gemstone is a message in a bottle.”