Materials and Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a hot research area in which scientists use atoms and molecules to build materials that can be used in many areas, such as health care, clean energy sources, and shrinking electronics. These nanomaterials, which typically measure between 1 and 100 nanometers, can have surprising properties.

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  • Nanowires and Carbon Nanotubes
    Nanowires are only 1 nanometer thick, but very strong. See what scientists are learning about these nano structures.
  • 5 Surprising Uses for Carbon Nanotubes
    Carbon nanotubes are quickly becoming the building blocks of innovation across most industries. Here are five potential applications that underscore the wide impact of these tiny tubes.
  • Ferrofluid Fun
    Have you ever seen a liquid magnet? If magnetic material is ground into an extremely fine powder, and suspended in a liquid, the resulting magnetic suspension is called a ferrofluid.
  • Liquid Crystals Game and Reading
    The Crystallite and Mainstream game with related reading are based on the 1991 Nobel Prize in Physics, which was awarded for revealing the patterns in which molecules are arranged in complex materials, like liquid crystals and polymers.

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  • Teaching Modules—Exploring the Nanoworld
    These modules were designed for to show how x-ray diffraction and scanning probe microscopy (SPM), shape-memory alloys, light emitting diodes, ferrofluid and other metal nanoparticles illustrate basic science concepts covered in the traditional high school science curriculum.
  • NOVA Making Stuff Activity Guide
    What will the future bring, and what will it be made of? In NOVA's popular series, Making Stuff, technology reporter David Pogue takes viewers on a fun-filled tour of the material world we live in, and the one that may lie ahead.
  • NanoDays Kit
    NISE Net offers a digital download of the NanoDays kit, complete with instructions, lesson plans, supply lists, marketing materials, and multimedia files. 
  • Nanotechnology: The Smallest BIG Idea in Science
    Celebrating Chemistry is designed to engage and educate children in the basic principles of chemistry.

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