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Paper Chemistry

Take note! The chemistry of paper is in the spotlight for 2019’s Chemists Celebrate Earth Week. Look here for links to learn more about all sorts of paper—how to keep counterfeiters from duplicating paper money, what it takes to bring paper back to life again or to preserve it in the first place, and the latest research in what paper can do for us.

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  • Recycled Paper
    Old paper becomes new again in this activity. Pep it up with glitter, dried flowers—it’s up to you.
  • How To Make Goldenrod Paper
    The spice rack plays a role in this paper that gets you a result like the classic goldenrod.
  • The Chemistry of Poinsettia Plants
    Change up the pH of this paper and see what color you get.
  • Saving the National Treasures
    What does it take to preserve paper from the sun? Predict, then try it out.
  • Making Marbled Paper
    Take a trip to the medicine cabinet to marble paper with those beautiful swoops and swirls

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