Chemistry of Summer

Club cleaning up the beach
Escuela San German Interamericana
  • How do sunscreens help prevent skin damage?
  • Is there any way to get a “safe” tan?
  • What’s the best sand-to-water ratio for building sandcastles?
  • How can chemistry keep mosquitoes from biting me?

Answer these questions and more as you explore the science of summer!

  • UV Testing with Color Changing UV Beads
    It’s a cloudy day, so you can leave the sunscreen at home, right? Think again! See what these beads can show you about the sun.
  • UV Bead Experiment
    Are your sunglasses up to the task of protecting your eyes from UV rays? Design your own experiment to see.
  • Understanding UVA and UVB
    Learn the A, B, C’s of UV rays. What makes them different from each other? What does your skin need for full protection?
  • UV Index
    If there’s rain in the forecast, don’t forget your umbrella. But what if there’s a high UV index forecast? Find out, then check your own location’s forecast.
  • The Science of Sunscreen & How It Protects Your Skin
    Learn about the types of UV radiation, and UVA & UVB blockers found in sunscreen. How many blockers are approved to be used in the U.S. compared to the European Union or Australia?

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