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Chemistry of Swimming Pools


Picture a swimming pool of clear, sparkling water. Now picture what it takes to keep it that way. Chemistry is a big part of the picture! Learn more about the chemistry of pool maintenance, how to keep blonde hair from turning green in the pool, what happens if you pee in the pool (and why you shouldn’t!), and more.

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  • Chemistry for the Gifted and Talented: Swimming Pool Chemistry
    Pool water is serious chemistry! Equilibrium, buffers, NMR, and more.
  • Cookies, Diapers, and Chemical Engineering
    What’s an “accidental insult” and how many of them can a swim diaper handle? Get ready for a diaper dissection.
  • Pretreating Hair Before Going Swimming
    It’s not easy being green. Take a look at this student project about preventing blonde hair from turning green in the pool.
  • Swimming Pool Chemistry—Student Activities
    Time to prep your pool for testing. It’s a little smaller than you might think… Ever see a 35-mm film canister?
  • Swimming Pool Science: Maintaining Proper pH
    Can you keep your mini-pool safe for swimmers? It’s all about the pH.
  • Sink or Swim: Muscle Versus Fat
    Are you a fantastic floater? Does it matter if you head to the indoor pool or the ocean? Explore some floater factors!
  • Bathtub Science
    Did you hear that? Or not? Test how well sound travels through water—a pool is the perfect place to find out.
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