Water and Chemistry

Water, water, everywhere... Visit these links to explore the wonders of water. Adopt a local stream, imagine life if you couldn’t drink water from your own tap, learn how wastewater could power your gadgets, and more.  

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day
Start here! There’s plenty of ways to get involved with the fun of Earth Day, including an illustrated poem contest, fun hands-on activities, and more.

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Themes
What do you know about H2O? Plenty, after you jump to some of the links from these past Chemists Celebrate Earth Day themes about water.

  • All the Water in the World
    How much water in the world is clean and available for safe drinking? This demo packs a visual punch to show the breakdown of water in the world.
  • Celebrating Chemistry—CCED 2014
    You’ll be well schooled in “The Wonders of Water” after trying out the activities in this publication for middle schoolers.
  • Earth Day 2014
    This list from the Journal of Chemical Education is packed with fantastic water demos, activities, and experiments—for free! Don’t miss the “soap boat 2.0” activity—it’s a winner.
  • Teacher Resources—Water
    No need to thirst for more water resources for grades K through 12. Take a look at this collection from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Water Diary
    Did you take a short or long shower today? Did you wash your clothes? Keep track of how much water you use in a week.
  • Adopt-a-Stream
    Hear that? It’s a local waterway calling for your help! Is there one in your area that needs to be adopted?
  • Obscure Chemical Taints Water Supply
    What would you do if the governor told you to stop drinking water from your tap? Learn about the chemical that caused just that situation in early 2014 in West Virginia.
  • Water Chemists
    What does a water chemist do? Where do they spend their days? How much school do they need? Find out here.
  • More on Dehydrated Water
    For a little chemistry humor, take a look at this discussion of dehydrated water—available in pill form and in cans. Just add water…

The Global Water Crisis
Almost one billion people lack reliable access to clean drinking water. What can we do about it?

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