ACS Project SEED Program


Summer Research Internship Program for Economically Disadvantaged High School Students
Project SEED 50th Anniversary

The ACS Project SEED summer research program opens new doors for economically disadvantaged students to experience what it’s like to be a chemist. Students entering their junior or senior year in high school are given a rare opportunity to work alongside scientist-mentors on research projects in industrial, academic, and federal laboratories, discovering new career paths as they approach critical turning points in their lives. Learn more about Project SEED

Since its inception in 1968, Project SEED has supported nearly 11,000 economically disadvantaged high school students mentored by over 1,000 volunteers.  Over the fifty years, participants have indicated that Project SEED helped them to continue their education after high school while developing new skills and abilities, improving their self-confidence, and helping them to decide to become a scientist, engineer, or mathematician.  

Join us as we celebrate 50 years of success at the ACS National Meeting in Boston, Mass., Monday, August 20, 2018. 

Meet Our Past and Present Students

Meet Project SEED students and see them in action, and hear the power of the program in their own words.

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Project SEED students in Puerto Rico are making a big impact on a little island. Learn more about their experiences.  

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Summer Programs

2018 Summer program begins in June!

Summer I
For first-time participants, students conduct research in chemistry or a related field supervised by a scientist mentor and receive a fellowship award of $2,500.

Summer II
Summer I students get a second opportunity to continue working on their Summer I project or beginning a new one. Students receive a $3,000 fellowship award and may be eligible for a travel grant to present research at an ACS or other scientific meeting.


  • Student Application due June 4 (From sponsoring institutions)
  • Student Written Report and Student Follow-up Survey due August 31


  • Program Application Submission due January 31
  • Matching Fund Verification due May 4
  • Student Applications due June 4
  • Program Reports due August 31