2020 Virtual Program

COVID-19 Update: After much consideration, the American Chemical Society has decided to cancel all Project SEED research for Summer 2020. In place of the traditional research model, ACS is curating and hosting a four-week virtual summer camp.

The 2020 application is now closed. If you are interested in receiving a notification email when the 2021 application opens, please complete this short form to provide your contact details.

The sites included below are reflective of locations that originally planned to host students during Summer, 2020.

Information for Students

Virtual Student Town Hall

On May 11th and 12th, ACS hosted a virtual town hall for all students interested in the new virtual summer camp model.

Virtual Summer Camp Breakdown

Project SEED students will now participate in a virtual summer camp that will address the following objectives:

  • Prepare students with basic lab safety skills
  • Expose students to sub-disciplines of chemistry, chemistry careers, and interesting chemistry research
  • Develop students professionally by improving professional etiquette and writing abilities
  • Students will be placed into “cabins” that will consist of 6-10 students. Two cabin leaders will lead each cabin through all aspects of the summer program. Students will attend a virtual welcome event, attend webinars, create documents to help with college and career readiness, explore sub disciplines of chemistry, take a virtual lab safety course, and participate in a virtual conference.

Students will be paid $1,000 for successfully completing the virtual summer camp experience. The program will require 10-20 hours of work from the students each week. Students will meet with their cabin leaders three times per week and once per week with a larger group. Student attendance and participation will be monitored throughout the summer experience.

Information for Project SEED Volunteers

Project SEED coordinators and mentors are encouraged to volunteer with the virtual summer camp. The following are ways in which our volunteers can still contribute:

  • (Application closed) Campsite Manager: Project SEED Coordinators and Mentors manage a group of 20-30 Project SEED campers, and may provide unique programming for their students, such as virtual college campus tours, webinars, social events, or other types of activities.
  • (STILL ACCEPTING PROPOSALS!) Facilitate a session: If you are willing to facilitate a session that aligns with one of the camp objectives, please consider submitting a session proposal by May 31. Our goal is to receive at least 50 proposals to cover the national itinerary, virtual conference, and campsite itineraries.
  • (STILL ACCEPTING PROPOSALS!) Lead a “research hike” with students of a single “campsite” or multiple groups. This would focus on a research topic of the day with the connection between how an experiment links to the research objectives and purpose. Research hikes would give students insight into projects they would have been working on in the lab over the summer.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this form to let us know your intent.

For more information

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