2020 Virtual Program

COVID-19 Update: The American Chemical Society is planning for an in-person program with virtual components for 2021.  In the event that in-person research is not safe to resume at all, or only at select sites, we will continue with a virtual-only summer program.  If you are interested in receiving a notification email when the 2021 application opens, please complete this short form to provide your contact details.

Information for Students, Parents, and Potential Volunteers

2021 Virtual Student Information Session

On February 9th, 2021 at 6:00 PM ET, ACS staff will host a virtual student information session for all students interested Project SEED.  Both the in-person research and virtual program models will be discussed.

  • Register for the meeting to receive the Zoom details
  • Sign up on our interest form (if you have not already) to receive email alerts for the info session and the application window   

Virtual Summer Camp

For 2021, the American Chemical Society is preparing for both an in-person research program and a virtual-only program.  In the event that in-person research is not safe to proceed, it will be canceled again, and all students selected for the in-person research program will have the option to participate in the virtual-only program.  The Virtual Summer Camp is a great opportunity to participate in if there is no nearby site to apply to, if you don't quite feel ready to tackle the lab yet, or just prefer to participate from home.  The virtual experience will focus on the following objectives:

  • Lab preparedness
  • Exposure to chemistry careers and the sub-disciplines of chemistry
  • College readiness and professional development

How to Apply

The application process for the virtual summer program is identical to the in-person research program.  See the How to Apply page for more details. 


What to Expect

The virtual summer program is a 6-week online experience where you will get to learn more about chemistry-related careers, prepare for the college experience (choosing and applying to college, navigating financial aid and scholarships, and mapping out a strategy to succeed), and the basics of lab research.  While this program does not include hands-on research, the skills that you will acquire will help prepare you for a future research opportunity.  Each week, there will be small-group discussions, independent assignments, and nationally broadcasted webinars on the three objective areas, as well as social activities to help you get to know your colleagues and mentors.
  • Students will be paid $1,000 for successfully completing the virtual summer camp experience and required assignments
  • The program will run from Monday, June 21, 2021 through Friday, July 30th, 2021.  Students are expected to be present for synchronous sessions each weekday morning (approximately 9am until 12pm local time).  Asynchronous webinars will be held in the afternoons (between 1pm and 5pm local time).  Students should expect to spend a total of 20-25 hours per week on camp activities and assignments, but will not be expected to spend more than 4 hrs per day online for content 
  • Students will be assigned to a small virtual group (called cabins) and will meet with these cabins at least three times per week on weekday mornings. Student attendance and participation will be monitored throughout the summer experience
  • No laptop or internet access at home?  No worries, equipment will be provided as needed for selected program participants  

Information for Project SEED Volunteers

Interested in volunteering to help with the virtual summer camp?  Former and current Project SEED coordinators and mentors are encouraged to volunteer in one of several ways:

  • Campsite Manager: Project SEED Coordinators and Mentors manage a group of 20-30 Project SEED campers, and may provide unique programming for their students, such as virtual college campus tours, webinars, social events, or other types of activities.  Expect to dedicate 10 hrs or so per week to relevant meetings, trainings, and running your camp for the duration of the 6-week program.
  • Facilitate a session: If you are willing to facilitate a session that aligns with one of the camp objectives, please consider submitting a session proposal. The best sessions include interactive components and various types of media for high school audiences.  The session proposal application will open in mid-spring 2021.
  • Lead a “research hike”: This is an online seminar on your original research, but modified for the high school audience.  Ideally, the presentation will show the connection between specific experiments and the overall research objectives and purpose. Research hikes give students insight into projects that in-person research students are participating in (or would participate in if research is canceled for Summer 2021).  The session proposal application will open in mid-spring 2021.

For more information

Phone: 1-800-227-5558 (ext. 4380)
Fax: 202-872-4361  |  Email: projectseed@acs.org

ACS Project SEED Program
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