Information for Volunteers

Application is now closed. If you are interested in volunteering during the summer of 2022, please fill out interest form. You will be notified by email when applications open again.


Interested in volunteering to help with the Virtual Summer Camp?   

Want to learn more about the Virtual Summer Camp experience?  Read more in the brief Volunteer Brochure as well as the 2020 Annual Summary, which details the camp activities and structure.

Former and current Project SEED coordinators and mentors are encouraged to volunteer in one of several ways:

  • Campsite Manager: Project SEED Coordinators and Mentors manage a group of 20-30 Project SEED campers, and may provide unique programming for their students, such as virtual college campus tours, webinars, social events, or other types of activities.  Expect to dedicate around 5-10 hrs per week to relevant meetings, trainings, and running your camp for the duration of the 6-week program.  Note that this role requires a background check and is accepting applications until May 17th.
  • Facilitate a session: If you are willing to facilitate a session that aligns with one of the camp objectives, please consider submitting a session proposal. The best sessions include interactive components and various types of media for high school audiences.  Deadline is May 17th.
  • Lead a “research hike”: This is an online seminar on your original research, but modified for the high school audience.  Ideally, the presentation will show the connection between specific experiments and the overall research objectives and purpose. Research hikes give students insight into projects that in-person research students would have been working on in the lab.  Deadline is May 17th.
  • "Adopt" a Cabin: Interested in participating for more than a one-time session?  Consider adopting a cabin for the summer.  This is a great opportunity to get creative with the students and cabin leaders to share your research experience with them virtually.  For example, virtual lab tours or shadowing, weeks-long activities focused on an aspect of your research (such as an activity on Mass Spectrometry characterization). Deadline is May 17th.