International Year of the Periodic Table

Plan and Celebrate IYPT Events

2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT 2019)!
Let's get ready to celebrate!



  • CHED 5: Growing the periodic table: How are elements discovered, verified and named?
    11:05am, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Room Mission Hills
  • CHED 6: IYPT, National Chemistry Week, and AACT
    11:35am, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Room Mission Hills
  • ENFL 76: Towards atomic intercalation of the entire periodic table
    2:05pm, San Diego Convention Center Room 23C
  • Grady-Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public Address, Sir Martyn Poliakoff and the Periodic Table of Videos: From Test Tube to YouTube
    4:00pm, San Diego Convention Center Room 5A
  • Symposium: 150 Years of the Periodic Table, HIST Division
    1:10-5pm, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Coronado Room


  • Symposium: 150 Years of the Periodic Table, HIST Division
    8:40am-12pm, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Coronado Room
  • CHED 91: Periodic table of the elements of safety
    3:10pm, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Carlsbad Room
  • CINF 86: Database of low-energy cluster structures for atomically precise nanoclusters across the periodic table calculated using density functional theory
    8:00pm, Sci-Mix. San Diego Convention Center, Exhibit Hall B


  • Celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table, IYPT2019
    9:30-10am, ACS Booth, Convention Center Halls DE, 1613


  • Periodic Table Lanyards Giveaways
    Every day 100 will be given away at each ACS Information Booth in the Convention Center (1 is near registration, 1 is in the Sails Pavilion near the ACS Hub), first come first served!


  • Grady-Stack Award Reception: Sir Martyn Poliakoff and the Periodic Table of Videos
    5:15pm, San Diego Convention Center Pavilion Terrace
  • IAC Reception: Celebrating IYPT 2019
    5:30-7:30pm, Hilton San Diego Bayfront Indigo Ballroom BF


  • C&EN and ACS on Campus present Periodic Table Bingo
    3-4pm, ACS Booth, Convention Center Halls DE, 1613

Upcoming Community Events

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IYPT Speaker: Periodic Table Author Theodore Gray

October 2-5 | Olympia, Tacoma, and Leavenworth, WA
The Puget Sound Local Section will be hosting a well known author and speaker about the periodic table, Theodore Gray, at multiple locations in our section. He will give talks at the South Puget Sound Community College (open to the public), Pacific Lutheran University (open to the public), and at the Washington College Chemistry Teachers Association Annual Meeting (open to participants only).

World's Largest Periodic Table

October 19 | Allendale, MI
Western Michigan Local Section is organizing a free event open to the public to make the World's Largest Periodic Table in honor of National Chemistry Week and IYPT! Find out how to get involved.

3D Periodic Table Display Project

October 20 | New York Hall of Science, New York, NY
The New York Section will construct a giant three-dimensional Periodic Table, approximately 12ft x 10ft x 9ft in size. This large size Periodic Table will be displayed at the New York Hall of Science.
    Deadline for Element Selection: Sunday, August 1, 2019, at 6:00 p.m.
    Deadline for Element Design Submission: Saturday, September 21, 2019, at 6:00 p.m.

Ongoing Events

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FCT NOVA, Portugal
Georgia Tech College of Sciences
IUPAC Events

Past Community Events

Elements Fine Arts Exhibition

January 10 - February 2 | San Rafael, CA

IUPAC Opening Ceremony

January 29 | Paris, France
2019 ACS President Bonnie Charpentier Address 
Video recording: Parts 1&2  Parts 3&4  Parts 5&6 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

IYPT Global Women's Breakfast

February 23 | Washington, DC
Watch the video recording from the event livestream.

AAAS National Meeting Symposium: Nearly double platinum: 150 years of the periodic table

February 16 | Washington, DC

Science Café on the Periodic Table with Tilde Café

March 2 | Branford, CT

Elements in Your Life

April 12 | 4 PM | University of California, Merced

Stanislao Cannizzaro and the Foundation of the Periodic System

April 17 | 6:30 PM | Rutgers University

The Next Element: How Chemists are Expanding the Periodic Table

May 29 | 2-3 PM ET | Webinar
Register for this free interactive broadcast on the science of the elements at the bottom of the periodic table, as Dr. Cody Folden and Dr. Jenifer Shafer discuss the challenges scientists face around discovering new superheavy elements.

1st Bangladesh ChemCarnival & IYPT Celebration

July 29 | Dhaka, Bangladesh
ACS Student Chapter, University of Dhaka will be celebrating IYPT at the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Around 400 students (secondary, higher secondary & college) and renowned people will be attending the program.

NEACT Conference, "The Periodic Table"

July 29-31 | Concord, MA
Summer Conference of the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers. Conference theme is "The Periodic Table". Keynote speaker is Pulitzer Prize winner Deborah Blum.

"Know Your Elements" KYE 2019

August 4 -10 | Kolkata, India

University of Texas El Paso IYPT Event

August 9 | El Paso, TX

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Plan an Event or Activity

Whether you are an active ACS member, teacher, volunteer, or student, you can plan events in your community to join the year-long celebration. Here are some general tips from ACS Local Sections, Student Chapters and ChemClubs to inspire you and help you launch your event!

  • Plan your event far in advance.
  • Reach out to local museums, science centers, libraries, schools, and other science-related organizations.
  • Offer food and refreshments. Check out these periodic table-inspired cupcakes made by a ChemClub, or make your own!
  • Publicize your event. Spread the word via websites, social media, newsletters, and more. Use the hashtag #IYPT2019 on social media.

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