Motion & Energy

Hands-On Activities

Test Your Knowledge

  • Electricity
    Learn how to light a bulb using only a battery and metal wire.
  • Energy
    Follow the ways energy changes form as it makes different machines work.
  • Friction
    Find out ways friction can be a friend or a foe.
  • Graphing
    Learn about how to represent measurements using a picture.
  • Heat and Insulation
    Insulation helps to keep things warm. Compare human-made insulators with natural insulators to find out which ones are alike.
  • Magnetism and Conductivity
    Test your science knowledge by predicting which objects are magnetic, and allow electricity to flow through them.
  • Magnets
    Predict which household items are magnetic.
  • Playground Physics
    Predict who will win playground competitions based on forces and motion.
  • Sound and Hearing
    What is sound? How can we hear it? Learn more about what sound is and how our bodies detect it.
  • Speed
    Get the facts on the fastest and slowest animals in the kingdom.
  • Static Electricity
    Explore lightning to understand what static electricity is and how it works.