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Week 26

Week 26: June 25 – July 1 (Archive)

June 25

  • Herbert B. Baker, born 1862, researcher on effect of water on chemical change; authority on desiccating and poison gases.
  • Walther H. Nernst, born 1864, discovered third law of thermodynamics; Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1920).
  • William H. Stein, born 1911, researched enzyme chemistry; Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1972).

June 26

  • William Thomson (Lord Kelvin), born 1824, established theory and practice of thermodynamics; defined absolute temperature scale (Kelvin).
  • Wilhelm Ostwald converted ammonia to nitric acid by using a platinum catalyst in 1907.

June 27

  • Arthur C. Cope, born 1909, researcher in synthetic organic chemistry including medium-sized ring compounds.
  • Abraham Gesner patented the process for obtaining kerosene by distillation in 1854.

June 28

June 29

  • Peter Waage, born 1833, formulated Law of Mass Action.

June 30

July 1

  • Franz J. Muller von Reichenstein, born in 1740; in 1782, discovered tellurium (Te, 52).
  • Gerald M. Edelman, born 1929, researcher in structure of antibodies; Nobel Prize in Medicine (1972).
  • J. T. Baker incorporated originally as Vick Chemical in 1919.
  • The first nuclear rocket engine was successfully tested in 1959.