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Week 42

Week 42: Oct. 15 – 21 (Archive)

October 15

  • Evangelista Torricelli, born 1608, first to create sustained vacuum; discovered principle of a barometer.

October 16

  • William T. G. Morton demonstrated use of ether as anesthetic at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1846.
  • Henry C. Sherman, born 1875, researcher on vitamins.

October 17

  • Lev A. Chugaev, born 1873, developed complexing agents for analysis; studied inorganic chemistry of metal complexes and xanthate pyrolysis.
  • Unocal incorporated as Union Oil Co. of California in 1890.

October 18

  • Christian F. Schönbein, born 1799, discovered ozone (1840) and collodion (1846); researcher on hydrogen peroxide and guncotton.
  • Harvey W. Wiley, born 1844, the "Father of Pure Food Law."
  • Hercules incorporated in 1912.

October 19

  • Marguerite Perey, born 1909; in 1939, discovered francium (Fr, 87).

October 20

  • James Chadwick, born 1891; in 1932, discovered the neutron; Nobel Prize in Physics (1935).

October 21

  • Georg E. Stahl, born 1660, researcher on oxidation and reduction; prepared glacial acetic acid; responsible for theory of phlogiston with Johann J. Becher.
  • Alfred B. Nobel, born 1833, invented dynamite and established the Nobel Prizes.