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For many years, ACS organized a weekly Q&A session, better known as an AMA (Ask Me Anything), on Reddit. Each week, ACS experts were featured on one of Reddit’s most popular communities, Reddit Science, to discuss various chemistry topics.

In 2018, Reddit Science discontinued their AMA series.

Previous Reddit Science AMAs

When Who  What
December 5, 2017 M.G. Finn and Alexandre Marques* of GeorgiaTech and *Federal University of Minas Gerais Leishmania vaccine
November 28, 2017 Terri Woods of East Carolina University
Aqueous Geo(chemistry) teaching
November 14,
Aaron Wheeler of the University of Toronto Microfluidics
October 31, 2017 Robert Strongin and Jiries Meehan-Atrash of Portland State University
Cannabis "dabbing" analysis
October 17, 2017 Darla Henderson and Marshall Brennan of ACS Publications
ChemRxiv service
October 10,
Warren Chan, University of Toronto Bionanotechnology
September 26,
Debasish Bandyopadhyay, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Greener drug discovery
September 12,
Charley Trowbridge, Director of Peer Review for ACS Publications
Peer review
August 29,
Alexa Billow, lead writer for ACS Reactions
Science writing
August 15,
Ian Blair, University of Pennsylvania and Founders Awardee from ACS Division of Chemical Toxicology
Toxicology biomarkers
August 8,
Donna Huryn, University of Pittsburgh and associate editor of ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters Drug discovery in academia
August 1,
Suzanne Bell, West Virginia University and also ACS Expert   Forensic chemistry
July 25,
Raychelle Burks, St. Edward's University and also ACS Expert
Brandon C. Presley, Tempe University Ph.D. candidate
IUPAC 2017 Young Observers
July 18,
Neelesh Patankar, Northwestern University Non- and super-wettable surfaces
July 11,
Danielle Buckley, ACS Expert   Quantum dots and also alternative science careers
June 27,
Nathan Gianneschi, University of California, San Diego Biomedical nanomaterials
June 20,
Mircea Dincă, MIT Metal-organic materials
June 13,
Eric Slater, senior manger of copyright, ACS Office of the Secretary and General Counsel
Copyright law and ACS policy
June 6,
Johannes Richers, chemist and designer, also SciFinder Future Leaders alumnus Science visualization
May 30,
Mallory Hinks, recent Ph.D. graduate at UC Irvine Atmospheric aerosol chemistry
May 23,
George Cobb, Chair of the Department of Environmental Science, Baylor University Environmental chemistry
May 16,
Kenneth M. Merz, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling Computational chemistry/biology
May 9,
Sally Mitchell, high school chemistry teacher and ACS Expert English skills in STEM
May 2,
Thomas Hofmann, Technical University of Munich and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Sensomics - molecular flavor research
April 25,
James Patterson and Shawn Averett, Brigham Young University
Non-destructive testing
April 18,
Lily Raines, ACS staff for Chemists Celebrate Earth Day and National Chemistry Week
Chemists Celebrate Earth Day AMA
April 11,
Hans Plugge, 3ECompany and ACS Expert
Regulatory toxicology
March 28, 2017
Lindsay Johnson, chemistry graduate student Student professional development
March 21,
Sam Lemonick, science journalist Science journalism
March 14, 2017 Chris Yarosh, ACS Science Policy Fellow
Alternative (early) science career
March 7,
Sylvia Daunert, Suzana Hamdan, and Irena Pastar, of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Nanotech wound healing
February 28, 2017 Andrew Zydney, The Pennsylvania State University and ACS Expert
Artificial kidneys
February 21, 2017 Prashant V. Kamat, University of Notre Dame and editor-in-chief of ACS Energy Letters
Light energy conversion
February 14, 2017 Andy Jorgensen, University of Toledo and ACS Expert
Communicating climate change
February 7, 2017 Michael Qiu, ACS Publications Science librarian activities
January 31, 2017 Allison Campbell, ACS President
Communicating the value of chemistry
January 24, 2017 Jennifer Maclachlan, PID Analyzers, LLC Small chemical business
January 17, 2017 Joseph Glajch, Momenta Pharmaceuticals and ACS Expert
January 10, 2017 Adam Boyd and Jenn Parsons, American Association of Chemistry Teachers Science education
December 13, 2016 Randall Murch, VirginiaTech and former FBI Special Agent Forensic science
December 6, 2016 Paul Weiss, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Nano Nanotechnology
November 22, 2016 Matt Hartings, American University & ACS Expert
Kitchen/food chemistry
November 15, 2016 John Newsam, Tioga Research & ACS Expert Materials applied to the skin
November 8, 2016 Devin Peterson, The Ohio State University & Gary Reineccius, University of Minnesota Flavor chemistry
November 1, 2016
Amanda Morris, Virginia Tech & ACS Expert
Competitive solar energy
October 25, 2016 Megan J. Palmer, Stanford University Synthetic biology and responsible development of biotech
October 18, 2016 Kevin Shanks, Axis Forensic Toxicology Forensic science
October 11, 2016 Kyle Bradbury, Duke University Energy storage and energy analytics
October 4, 2016 Mat Todd and Alice E. Williamson, University of Sydney (Australia)
Open source drug discovery
September 27, 2016 Robin D. Rogers, McGill University and Editor-in-Chief of Crystal Growth & Design Sustainable chemistry and crystal engineering
September 20, 2016 Keira Havens & Rafa Gomez Bombarelli, and and Harvard University    Chemistry innovation
September 13, 2016 Paul Helquist, University of Notre Dame & ACS Course Instructor Organic synthesis
August 30, 2016 Karl Booksh, University of Delaware STEM careers for persons with disabilities
August 23, 2016 Marty Mulvihill, UC Berkeley & Safer Made Safer chemical design
August 16, 2016 Stefano Tonzani, Executive Editor ACS Omega
Science publishing
August 9, 2016 Susan D. Richardson, University of South Carolina & ACS Expert
Swimming pool chemistry
August 2, 2016 Wilfredo "Freddy" Colón, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute & ACS Expert Prions
July 26, 2016 Elaine Seward, ACS Productions (ACS Reactions)   Animating chemistry
July 19, 2016 Darlene Cavalier, Arizona State University and SciStarter and Science Cheerleader Citizen science
July 12, 2016 Shib Mookherjea, Val Qual International and also ACS Short Courses Pharma and analytical method development
July 5, 2016 Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University and also JACS
June 28, 2016 Brian Hogg, Office of the Architect, University of Viriginia Old building restoration & Jeffersonian chemistry lab
June 21, 2016 Paul Dietze, Haynes & Boone, LLP Patent law
June 14, 2016 Andrew Torelli, Bowling Green State University Smart Phone Science
June 7, 2016 David Sedlak, Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Science & Technology and ES&T Letters
Urban water quality
May 31, 2016 Steve Maguire, ACS Expert Neutrino hunting and science outreach
May 24, 2016 Gerry Wright, Associate Editor of ACS Infectious Diseases
The quest for new antibiotics
May 17, 2016 Anthony "Tony" Noce, Chair of ACS Committe on Environmental Improvement Science & public policy
May 10, 2016 Joe Martino, ACS Career Consultant Careers in chemistry
April 26, 2016 David Constable, Director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute™ Green chemistry and engineering
April 19, 2016 Patti Galvin, K-8 Education Specialist at the American Chemical Society Being a great guest scientist in an elementary or middle school classroom
April 12, 2016 Bruce Winchell, Patent Attorney Patent law
April 5, 2016 Jane Wissinger, Associate Professor and Organic Chemistry Laboratory Director at the University of Minnesota Green chemistry education and research
March 29, 2016 Jennifer Novotney, Public Programs Coordinator at MIT Museum Working in a science museum
March 22, 2016 Lee Polite, President and Founder or Axion Analytical Labs, Inc. and Axion Training Institute Gas chromatography
March 15, 2016 Kevin Wepasnick, Scientist and Project Manager at Anderson Materials Evaluation, and Craig Bettenhausen, Associate Editor at Chemical & Engineering News. Helium beer
March 8, 2016 Dee Strand, Chief Scientific Officer at Wildcat Discovery Technologies Lithium ion batteries
March 1, 2016 Ray Garant, Director of Public Policy, American Chemical Society Environmental, innovation, science education, and/or energy/climate policy
February 23, 2016 John Engelman, S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. (retired) and ACS Career Consultant, and Mary Engelman, Eastman Chemical Company and and ACS Career Consultant Careers in chemistry
February 16, 2016 Hadi Fares, chemistry PhD candidate, and Joseph B. Schlenoff, Leo Mandelkern Professor of Polymer Science at Florida State University and Senior Editor of ACS journal Langmuir Polyelectrolytes research and science communications
February 2, 2016 Alex Tullo, Senior Correspondent, Chemical & Engineering News DuPont-Dow Chemical merger, impact on research
January 26, 2016 Darla Henderson, PhD, Assistant Director of Open Access Programs at ACS Publications and Kevin Davies, PhD, VP of Business Development at ACS Publications and Publisher of C&EN Open access journals
January 19, 2016 Adam Dylewski, Manager of ACS Productions, creator of ACS's Reactions YouTube channel Communicating chemistry on YouTube
January 12, 2016 Marek W. Urban, professor and endowed chair of Materials Science and Engineering at Clemson University Stimuli-responsive, self-repairing polymeric materials and polymeric coatings
December 15, 2015 Melody Bomgardner of Chemical & Engineering News and Anndrea Hermann of Hemp Technologies and The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting  Hemp
November 24, 2015 Sally Mitchell, High School Teacher and Albert Einstein Fellow at the Department of Energy's Office of Science Chemistry hacks for Thanksgiving
November 17, 2015 Lisa Jarvis, Senior Correspondent for C&EN, and Melody Bomgardner, Senior Business Editor for C&EN Top ten chemistry startups to watch  
November 10, 2015 Robert Koch, Resident Partner at Milbank
Intellectual property
November 3, 2015 Todd M. Przybycien, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
October 27, 2015 M.G. Finn, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Combinatorial Science Why combi chem is not dead
October 20, 2015 Lisa Balbes, Freelance Technical Writer/Editor and ACS Career Consultant
Nontraditional careers for chemists
October 6, 2015 Jonathan Sweedler, Professor of Chemistry at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Editor-in-Chief of Analytical Chemistry Peer review process
September 29, 2015 Chemjobber, chemist and blogger, and Gregory Eells, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Cornell University Graduate school stress
September 22, 2015 Mike Lee, President of Milestone Development Services and Founder of Mozaic Solutions Personalized healthcare and analytics
September 15, 2015 Peter Mahaffy, Chemistry Professor at the King's University and Co-Director of the King's Centre for Visualization in Science Climate change
September 8, 2015 Mark Blaskovich, Program Coordinator for Hit Validation & Chemistry for the Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery (CO-ADD) Antimicrobial resistance
September 1, 2015 J. Justin Gooding, founding Co-Director of the Australian Centre for NanoMedicine, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Sensors Sensors
August 25, 2015 May Nyman, Professor of Chemistry at Oregon State University Warehouse explosion in Tianjin, China
August 18, 2015 Amanda Morris, Assistant Professor of Energy Chemistry at Virginia Tech Solar energy
August 11, 2015 Rigoberto Advincula, Professor at Case Western Reserve University Nanotechnology
August 8, 2015 David Constable, Director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Sustainable chemistry
July 28, 2015 Kimberly Prather, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at UC San Diego and Director of Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment (CAICE) Atmospheric chemistry
July 21, 2015 Amy Wilkinson, author of The Creator's Code & Brian Morin, President & COO of Dreamweaver International, Inc. Entrepreneurship in science
July 14, 2015 Jillian Buriak, Editor-in-Chief of Chemistry of Materials Materials for energy
July 7, 2015 Steven Isaacman, Founder and CEO of PHD Biosciences and Co-Founder of PHD Skin Care Entrepreneurship in science
June 23, 2015 Terry Kenakin, ACS ProEd Instructor & Professor of Pharmacology University of North Carolina Drug discovery & development
June 19, 2015 Carolyn Bertozzi, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Central Science & Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University Sugar molecules & human health
May 12, 2015 Suzanne Bell, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Forensic Science at West Virginia University Chemistry of firearms
April 15, 2015 Charon Pierson, Journal Editor and Elected Member of the Governing Council for the Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE) and Ivan Oransky, Co-Founder of Retraction Watch Publication ethics and retractions
March 31, 2015 Celia Elliott, Technical Editor and Writing Instructor at the University of Illinois and Kristin Sainani, Associate Professor with Health Research & Policy at Stanford University Active vs. passive voice in scientific writing
February 11, 2015 Richard Hartel, Professor of Food Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison Chocolate chemistry
January 21, 2015 Tim Long and Chris Williams, Professors in the Virginia Tech Macromolecules and Interface Institute Chemistry and 3D printing
October 6, 2014 Will Dichtel, Associate Chemistry & Chemical Biology Professor at Cornell University and Yogi Surendranath, Assistant Chemistry Professor at MIT Starting a research group
August 20, 2014 Robin Hanson and Charles Twardy, George Mason University's SciCast Project SciCast, crowdsourced science & technology forecasting
August 6, 2014 Celia Elliott, Technical Editor and Writing Instructor at the University of Illinois Technical writing and communications
July 11, 2014 Sam Pazicni, Chemist and Whitney Kellet, Chemistry Graduate Student at the University of New Hampshire Graduate school for chemistry students
June 4, 2014 Paul Hodges, Chairman of International eChem (IeC) and Writer for Chemicals & The Economy Chemistry and the economy: 3D printing & future of manufacturing
April 30, 2014 Chris Hudalla, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of ProVerde Laboratories Analytical chemistry in cannabis research
March 14, 2014 Kristin Omberg, Deputy Group Leader at the Los Alamos Laboratories Bio-threat detection and dispersion research
January 29, 2014 David Harwell, Assistant Director of ACS Industry Member Programs Careers in chemistry