August 2014 Chemistry Quiz

1. Hydromash is a new material being developed for products such as disposable diapers because it is highly absorbent and biodegradable. What organism is it derived from?
Hydroponic potatoes

2. Scientists have demonstrated that molecules involved in what disease behave like the prion proteins that cause mad cow disease?
Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer's disease
Brain cancer

3. A covering made of isocyanates and polyols, a lining of polyamides and a bladder of butyl rubber, form what object that was recently observed by millions of people?
Portable fresh water tanks on camping trips
The "brazuca", the ball used in the World Cup
Illegal fishing nets set adrift in the Indian Ocean
Bicycle tires used in the Tour de France

4. Scientists have proposed a productive way to reuse what popular packing material as small, test tube-like containers?
Cardboard boxes
Cushion foam
Hollow polystyrene peanuts
Bubble wrap

5. Which popular culinary herbs could work in much the same way as prescription medication to treat diabetes?
Rosemary and oregano
Basil and mint
Cilantro and dill
Parsley and thyme

6. The race is on to power the next generation of electric cars. While the lithium-ion battery remains a popular choice, chemical and technology companies are developing what other type of battery?
All of the above

7. Researchers report that the proteins in what part of the squid are inspiring a new generation of strong, but malleable, materials for a wide range of applications from reconstructive surgery to eco-friendly packaging?
Sucker ring teeth
Stabilizing fin