Willard Gibbs Medal Award

Purpose: The Willard Gibbs Medal Award was founded by William A. Converse, a former Chicago Section Chair, in 1910 and first awarded in 1911. Gibbs was chosen as to be the model for the award as an outstanding example of creativity in scientific investigation. The purpose of the award was and is “to publicly recognize eminent chemists who, through years of application and devotion, have brought to the world developments that enable everyone to live more comfortably and to understand this world better.” As you glance over the list of previous recipients of the Gibbs Award, it reads like a “Hall of Fame” for chemists. Many of the recipients are well known, even outside the realm of chemistry.

Eligibility: The medalist is nominated and selected by a jury of twelve preeminent chemists who have been elected by the Chicago Section ACS Board. No outside nominations are accepted.

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