The Teacher-Scholar Award for Community College Chemistry Faculty

Purpose:  The American Chemical Society (ACS) gives awards at local, regional and national levels, for excellent teaching at the high school, college and university levels. This award is the first in the nation to recognize the contributions of community college chemistry teachers to science education.

The award was established by our SCV Local Section in 2008. Each year it honors an outstanding faculty member from one of the 13 community colleges in our local area which includes five counties around San JosÉ, CA. The award will be presented annually at the November dinner.

The award currently consists of an ACS plaque and a check for $500 for the winner, with another $500 check being donated to the winner’s college chemistry department.

We want to reach as many ACS local sections as quickly as possible. If you are active in one, or know someone who is, please present this idea to them. For supporting information about the award and how it works, please contact Harry Ungar of the Cabrillo College Chemistry Department. He will provide all the materials needed to make it easy to set up an award.

Eligibility: Any chemistry faculty member, active or emeritus, from any of the 13 community colleges in the Santa Clara Valley Section's territory (San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties)  is eligible to be nominated for this award. Membership in the ACS is not a requirement for the nominee.

Relevant Achievements of the Nominee

  • Excellent teaching in the classroom and the laboratory
  • Extensive mentoring and encouragement of students toward academic success
  • Collaborations with local high schools and four year colleges and universities, leading to more student transfers and better articulation
  • Educational innovation, evaluation and dissemination
  • Published articles and books related to chemistry education
  • Supervision of undergraduate research
  • Participation in grant funded projects promoting innovative teaching methods and undergraduate research
  • Exceptional contributions to the college’s chemistry department
  • Public outreach
  • Contributions to the local community, for example through the K-12 system

Nominations: To submit a nomination, fill out the nomination form and e-mail it along with relevant materials to the e-mail address given on the form. The deadline for nominations is usually in late fall; in 2012 it will be Wednesday, October 16. The award will be presented at the Section's dinner meeting the following November.

Contact Information: