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ChemLuminary Awards

2020 ChemLuminary Awards Ceremony

22nd ChemLuminary Awards logo with a firey flame

The 22nd Annual ChemLuminary Awards celebration has not been confirmed because the ACS Fall 2020 National Meeting & Exposition is a completely virtual meeting out of an abundance of caution due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we will provide information about the 2020 ChemLuminary Awards at a later date.

How to Nominate for the ChemLuminary Awards

Award Sponsor
ACS Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) The SPC-sponsored award recognizes activities which highlight the ACS Change Drivers and/or encourage strategic planning.
Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs (CCPA) The CCPA-sponsored award recognizes a local section for outstanding efforts to increase member involvement in government affairs and advance public policy to benefit science and society.
Committee on Chemists with Disabilities (CWD) The CWD-sponsored award recognizes the outstanding effort(s) of a local section or division that supports the mission of the ACS Chemists with Disabilities Committee: to promote educational and professional opportunities in the chemical sciences and in fields requiring knowledge of chemistry for persons with disabilities. The award also recognizes events to help educators, advocates and families of persons with disabilities. We are looking for outstanding events that demonstrate pertinence to the CWD mission, activities accessible to the audience and program impact on the target audience.
Committee on Community Activities (CCA) The CCA-sponsored awards recognize local sections that have demonstrated exemplary performance in the development and implementation of outstanding activities in support of National Chemistry Week (NCW) and Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCED).
Committee on Divisional Activities (DAC) The DAC-sponsored awards recognize innovative and outstanding service to members of a technical division.
Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs (CEPA) The CEPA-sponsored awards recognize local section career programs that have contributed significantly to members' career management and development.
Committee on Environmental Improvement (CEI) The CEI-sponsored award recognizes a local section that has introduced a new and outstanding program promoting sustainability at the local level.
Committee on Ethics (ETHX) The ETHX-sponsored award recognizes outstanding local section programming related to the promotion of ethics in chemistry.
Committee on Local Section Activities (LSAC)
The LSAC-sponsored awards recognize local sections for outstanding overall performance and for excellence in individual programs or activities.
Committee on Meetings & Expositions (M&E)
The M&E-sponsored award recognizes outstanding performance in organizing and hosting a regional meeting.
Committee on Minority Affairs (CMA) The CMA-sponsored award recognizes a Local Section Committee on Minority Affairs that consistently promotes and encourages the participation and leadership of underrepresented minorities in the chemical sciences.
Committee on Project SEED (SEED)
The SEED-sponsored award recognizes a local section for organizing the most outstanding Project SEED program.
Committee on Public Relations & Communications (CPRC) The CPRC-sponsored awards recognize outstanding efforts by local sections to promote chemistry to the public.
Committee on Technician Affairs (CTA) The CTA-sponsored award recognizes an outstanding event or activity organized by or benefitting the Applied Chemical Technology Professional (Chemical Technician) community.
Corporation Associates (CA) The CA-sponsored award recognize outstanding efforts by a local section in producing an event that benefits industry members or students seeking a career in industry.
International Activities Committee (IAC) The IAC-sponsored awards honor a local section, technical division, and international chemical sciences chapter for their efforts in the international realm.
Joint LSAC & DAC Award The joint LSAC & DAC award recognizes collaborative efforts between a local section and technical division.
Membership Affairs Committee (MAC) The MAC-sponsored award recognizes the efforts of the chemical industry for engagement and outreach to the chemistry community about working in industry.
Senior Chemists Committee (SCC) The SCC-sponsored awards recognize local sections for their efforts to increase the participation of senior members and to encourage innovative activities.
Society Committee on Education (SOCED) The SOCED-sponsored awards recognize local sections that have developed outstanding chemical education activities.
Women Chemists Committee (WCC) The WCC-sponsored award recognizes outstanding efforts by a local section in promoting women in the chemical sciences.
Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) The YCC-sponsored awards recognize oustanding efforts by Local Section Younger Chemists Committees in serving chemists under the age of 35.

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