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2012 ChemLuminary Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2012 ChemLuminary award winners! These local sections, divisions, regional meetings and committees are recognized for their outstanding volunteer efforts in promoting chemistry and the chemical sciences.

American Chemical Society

Award for Volunteer Service to the American Chemical Society (3:22)

Dr. Ingrid Montes

Dr. Ingrid Montes is recognized for being a champion of chemistry and having unparalleled productivity, selfless dedication, and a far-reaching impact on ACS, its members, its student chapters, and the wider public. The keynote address was entitled “Service: A footprint from and for your heart”.

Committee on Public Relations and Communications

Outstanding Continuing Public Relations Program of a Local Section (19:12)

Georgia Local Section

The Georgia Section was selected for its public relations emphasis during outreach events at high school and college science fairs and career expos. Section members reached 1,130 students, parents, and teachers with the messages that everything on earth is a product of chemistry, and chemists and chemistry are essential to society.

Best New Public Relations Program of a Local Section (20:48)

Chicago Local Section

The Chicago Public Relations Committee is recognized for the production of a series of eight videos with chemist interviews and footage from the Section’s Chemistry Day activities. The videos were promoted by social media and reached approximately 1,000 scientists, educators, students, and members of the general public.

Women Chemists Committee

Best WCC Program for IYC 2011 (21:51)

Chicago Local Section

Chicago's WCC developed the Marie S. Curie Girl Scout Chemistry Day Patch for the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Council. The patch gives girls the opportunity to learn about chemistry through lectures and laboratory, available careers in chemistry, and how to interact with women chemist role models.

Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs

Outstanding Local Section Career Program Award (23:32)

Small to Medium Large Size Category

Virginia Local Section

The Virginia section provided an expanded Career Fair for three days at SERMACS 2011. This event included career-related workshops, resume reviews and a speed interview activity which served over 200 members with managing their careers. Employers provided interview opportunities to 62 applicants. An Innovative Projects Grant supported three ACS Volunteer Career Consultants

Outstanding Local Section Career Program Award (24:54)

Large to Very Large Size Category

St. Louis Local Section

Managed jointly by the local YCC and the section’s Career Resources Committee, the St. Louis Career Resources Program offers career management workshops, networking opportunities, career consulting, and enhanced electronic resources to include a Linkedin and Facebook group. Over 400 professionals took advantage of this program to enhance their careers and employability

Younger Chemists Committee

Outstanding or Creative Local Section Younger Chemists Committee Event (26:02)

Michigan State University Local Section

To increase outreach during summer months, the MSU YCC reached out to 4H events and YMCA camps to present demos and hands-on activities to kids of all backgrounds. The effort not only increased YCC activity but was so successful they have been asked to return in 2012

Outstanding Local Section Younger Chemists Committee (27:37)

Chicago Local Section

Chicago conducted a variety of activities during 2011 to better involve young chemists in activities related to their field and to the Chicago Section. Six well-attended events were held that led to more younger chemists attending section meetings and volunteering to help with local activities.

Outstanding New Local Section Younger Chemists Committee (28:33)

Central Texas Local Section

The Central Texas YCC program in collaboration with 3 local student chapters consisted of 9 activities targeted to undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and young faculty and professionals. Activities included a Federal Grant Writing Process introduction, Undergraduate Luncheon and Poster Session, Undergraduate and Graduate Networking Breakfast, Undergraduate Symposium, and a Graduate Recruiting Fair.

Committee on Divisional Activities

Recognition of Innovation and Outstanding Service to Members of a Division (30:17)

Division of Business Development & Management (BMGT)

The Division of Business Development & Management sponsored a symposium about Water which supported the theme of the Anaheim Meeting - Chemistry of Natural Resources. Morning technical talks were followed by a lively panel discussion and reception where a Global Water Experiment with a local high school was performed.

Division of Organic Chemistry (ORGN) (31:28)

The Division of Organic Chemistry annually awards summer undergraduate research fellowships to outstanding organic chemistry students. The fellowships provide support for undergraduates to carry out independent research at their respective colleges/universities. Students then have the opportunity to visit the Pfizer Global R&D Center and present their research.

Division of Professional Relations (PROF) (32:28)

The Division of Professional Relations created subdivisions to provide dedicated programs, networking, and professional development, and to further advance the mission. The subcommittees have allowed the expansion of opportunities to members while supporting the ACS strategic plan focus on members, professionalism, and diversity and inclusion.

Rubber Division (RUBB) (33:28)

The Rubber Division, with industry CEOs and university presidents, built a partnership to expand their traditional Rubber Expo. The expanded Rubber Expo & Advanced Materials in Health Care Expo reached all related industries from rubber, plastics, biopolymers and other biomaterials to the new health care industry and their emerging needs resulting in increased membership, attendance, and revenue.

Committee on Divisional Activities &
Committee on Local Section Activities

Outstanding Collaboration Between a Division and Local Section (34:16)

Division of the History of Chemistry and the Chicago Local Section

The History of Chemistry Division and the Chicago Local Section held the Gibbs Medal Centennial Symposium and reception in honor of the Hundredth Anniversary at the Denver National Meeting. The symposium was co-sponsored by six divisions and one ACS Committee, and featured talks on current research to ethics in chemistry by the past and current local section chair and eleven previous Gibbs medalists.

Society Committee on Education

Fostering Interactions between Local Sections and Student Chapters (36:09)

Puerto Rico Local Section

The Puerto Rico Section worked with student chapters on an IYC celebration, five outreach events, 7 Science CafÉs, and a Green Chemistry Workshop and Fashion Show that ended with a party to honor the more than 400 student volunteers. The Section also established a new student chapter in 2011.

Outstanding High School Student Program Award (37:35)

North Jersey Local Section

North Jersey and its Teacher Affiliates offered programming for high school students and teachers with over 135 volunteers. Approximately 2,592 students and their teachers participated in the National Chemistry Olympiad, the Chemistry Olympics, Merck State Science Day, Project SEED, various teacher professional development activities and more.

Outstanding Kids & Chemistry Award (38:57)

Detroit Local Section

The Detroit Local Section conducted a variety of programs from classroom visits to museum events. More than 65 volunteers, ranging from student members to retirees, engaged in these outreach activities bringing the excitement of chemistry to almost 1,000 kids and their family members.

Committee on Project SEED

Outstanding Project SEED Program Award (40:04)

New York Local Section

The New York Section had a very successful Project SEED program with over sixty students participating in SEED I and SEED II. Eight students won Project SEED College Scholarships, six were ACS Scholars, and two students were named as Bill Gates Millennium Scholars. Three Project SEED alumni mentored students.

Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs

ACS President’s Award for Local Section Government Affairs (41:45)

Minnesota Local Section

Minnesota members partnered with state legislators to sponsor a resolution honoring the International Year of Chemistry. Section members also participated in a state legislative summit, visiting 40 House and Senate members. These activities brought new volunteers and energy into ACS advocacy activities.

Committee on Environmental Improvement

Outstanding Sustainability Activities (43:10)

Brazosport Local Section

The Brazosport Sustainability of Water Series raised public and local business awareness with the "Water in our World” exhibit at the Sea Center, the Pennies for PUR Water project that collected over $3400, and the seminar on "Meeting the needs of the Water-Energy Nexus".

Leadership Advisory Board

Outstanding Leadership Development Program Award (44:48)

St. Louis Local Section

The St. Louis Section organized two ACS Leadership Development System Courses: Collaborating Across Boundaries and Developing Communication Strategies at the 2011 Joint Midwest-Great Lakes Regional Meeting. The workshops were fully enrolled, attracted a wide mix of participants from industry and academia, and provided a professional development opportunity for attendees.

Committee on Minority Affairs

Best Overall Local Section Minority Affairs Committee (46:10)

Puerto Rico Local Section

Focusing on IYC themes, the Puerto Rico section reached thousands of K-12 students, over 50 teachers, and thousands of people in the community. Student members from public and private institutions, as well as chemists from academia, industry, and government were involved in the highly visible program that was covered in various modes of media and social networks.

International Activities Committee

International Year of Chemistry (Local Section) (47:44)

California Local Section

The California Section produced a Technology Milestones in Chemistry poster series illustrating how chemistry has transformed our lives. The posters were displayed at PacifiChem 2010 and in Paris during the official opening ceremony. English and Spanish versions were displayed during the IUPAC World Congress in Puerto Rico. The Korean Chemical Society converted the posters into a book and distributed 3,000 copies to Korean libraries while the Hungarian Chemical Society converted the posters into a virtual book. The Turkish Chemical Society is also in the process of creating a book.

International Year of Chemistry (Division) (49:24)

Division of Analytical Chemistry (ANYL)

The Division of Analytical Chemistry awarded 20 grants to undergraduate and graduate institutions to support outreach projects that informed the public about the significance of analytical chemistry for the IYC themes of environment, energy, materials, and health. Projects included public lectures, outreach to local schools, and environmental projects to study water quality.

International Year of Chemistry (Committee) (50:32)

Committee on Community Activities (CCA)

CCA played a central role in contributing to IYC's success by spreading the word about this global celebration. Four Celebrating Chemistry editions were produced and made available in Spanish; resources were developed to post on their IYC 2011 Community Outreach webpage; and short videos were provided to demonstrate hands-on activities. At the ACS National meetings in Boston and Denver, CCA teamed with student members to conduct outreach events for local residents attracting more than 400 in Boston and 900 in Denver.

Committee on Chemists with Disabilities

Chemists with Disabilities Inclusion Award (51:45)

Southern Illinois Local Section

This award is given to the Southern Illinois Local Section for creating a venue where disability advocates could assemble to discuss “best practices” inclusive of assistive technology solutions to address the challenges and needs of students who are blind or have low vision, particularly in laboratory settings.

Committee on Meetings & Expositions

Outstanding Regional Meeting (53:23)

Joint Southeastern/Southwest Regional Meeting 2010

The Joint Southwest/ Southeastern Regional Meeting attracted 1,736 attendees and included 1,235 oral and poster technical sessions presented by leading experts from around the world. The program also included 13 workshops, a high school program and a successful undergraduate program with the largest number of oral and poster presentations ever in a regional meeting undergraduate program, and many special events

Committee on Community Activities

Outstanding Community Involvement in National Chemistry Week (54:59)

Dallas-Ft. Worth Local Section

The Dallas-Ft. Worth section sponsored a multifaceted weeklong event at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History with demonstrations and playshops performed by the section's student chemistry clubs. ACS members served as Chatters discussing careers in chemistry and reduced group pricing for ACS members and their families was available.

Outstanding Community Involvement in Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (56:32)

Virginia Local Section

Virginia CCED activities were held at a Math and Science Fair, “Fool for Art and the Environment” event, and at various local schools featuring science activities for children that covered all 4 quarters of IYC. Faculty and students from nearby colleges and ACS section members ran this event with more than 8000 attendees.

Outstanding NCW Event for a Specific Audience (57:31)

Western New York Local Section

The Western New York section reached out of their comfort zone and went to St. Mary’s School for the Deaf to present National Chemistry Week demonstrations. The effort was so well received that the demos were taught to 11 and 12-grade students so they could present to the elementary school.

Best ChemClub NCW Event (58:23)

Syracuse Local Section

Celebrating National Chemistry Week, the Syracuse Section joined the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation’s ‘A Run for THEIR Life’ fundraising event for breast cancer research. Over 1,000 runners were presented with health-themed demonstrations, activities, and information guides.

Best Student Member NCW Event (59:45)

Puerto Rico Local Section

In conjunction with National Chemistry Week, the final of 5 IYC festivals had over 200 volunteers representing all Puerto Rico Student Chapters. Using the theme "Chemistry: our health, our life", the event featured Health Clinics, a show of chemical demonstrations by Science on Wheels, and an artistic show by the Conjunto Criollo UPR-RP.

Outstanding On-Going National Chemistry Week Event (1:01:08)

Cleveland Local Section

For the 24th year in a row, the Cleveland Section continues to organize their National Chemistry Week event which is an engaging hands-on program that puts chemistry in the context of a water park visit by Milli and Avogadro, the principal characters in the annual storylines.

Most Creative National Chemistry Week Celebration Using the Yearly Theme (1:02:19)

Northeastern Local Section

The Northeastern section held three National Chemistry Week events with a number of hands-on activities, one of which was making your own hand sanitizer. Visitors got to take home a 2-ounce bottle of self-made hand sanitizer. They also participated in a hand-washing activity learning how soap works.

Creative and Innovative Use of the Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Theme (1:03:16)

California Local Section

The California Section partnered with other community organizations to celebrate Earth Day on April 16 at the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, CA. The National Park Service estimated the attendance at 2500.

Committee on Local Section Activities

Best Activity or Program in a Local Section Stimulating Membership Involvement (1:04:19)

California Local Section

In a partnership with the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation and funding from a LSAC grant, the California Section initiated a monthly series of Science Cafes featuring acclaimed speakers in many areas of science. The series were highly successful, with at times capacity crowds, and provided new networking opportunities for members and non-members.

Most Innovative New Activity or Program (1:05:58)

Middle Georgia Local Section

Middle Georgia sponsored a tour and discussion of chemists buried in a local Cemetery that united local history with various disciplines of chemistry. By including stories such as the case of the poisoning of Dr. Ambrose Baber (Macon's first physician), the impact chemistry had on a local community 150 years ago was brought to life.

Local Section Partnership Award (1:07:01)

Syracuse Local Section

The Syracuse Local Section celebrated the joint NCW/IYC theme, “Chemistry, Our health, Our Future!”, by joining the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation’s large fundraising event for breast cancer research that included a 5K and a 15K walk/run followed by health-themed demonstrations and activities

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Small Size Category Award (1:08:22)

Southwest Georgia Local Section

Southwest Georgia had an outstanding year-long IYC program that included a Science Saturday, IYC themed seminars, and two poem contests. They improved seminar attendance by 80%, and did an outstanding job in utilizing FORMS.

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Medium Small Size Category Award (1:10:38)

Savannah River Local Section

For the first time, Savannah River created an outreach program targeted to their local Hispanic community. They integrated the IYC theme into their quarterly activities; displayed a strong budget; and conducted strong elementary school outreach events.

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Medium Size Category Award (1:11:11)

Richland Local Section

Richland integrated IYC activities throughout the entire year; conducted a plethora of outreach events with students, speakers and science cafes; sponsored travel awards and a quilt contest for students who made 102 quilt squares to recognize the 102 years of the Nobel Laureate prize.

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Medium Large Size Category Award (1:14:00)

Lehigh Valley Local Section

Lehigh Valley had a total of nine different member events to appeal to membership segments. they also hosted various presentations at their monthly meetings featuring notable scientists with topics including basic research, climate change and military research.

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Large Size Category Award (1:15:44)

San Diego Local Section

San Diego held many well attended events including a 5-part lecture series designed by their YCC on “Medicinal Chemistry” with an average of 80 attendees. WCC’s event discussed the “Globalization of Chemistry” that produced a turnout of over 100 members, and their National Chemistry Week Chem-Expo brought over 750 students, parents, and teachers.

Outstanding Performance by a Local Section – Very Large Size Category Award (1:17:14)

California Local Section

California’s highlights included a successful National Chemistry Week producing 150 volunteers and serving underrepresented minorities through various outreach events. They initiated a monthly series of Science Cafes, sponsored 40 SEED students, and had very active Younger Chemists Committee and Woman Chemists Committee groups.