2006 ChemLuminary Award Winners


Committee on Public Relations & Communications

Helen M. Free Award

  • Donald Schowalter - Dr. Donald Showalter is recognized for a lifetime of conveying the excitement, beauty, complex nature, and fun of chemistry to any audience. In addition to his more than 600 chemical demonstrations, he also served as the chemical demonstrator for the 26-episode PBS series, "The World of Chemistry."

Women Chemists Committee

Outstanding Advocacy on Behalf of Women in the Chemical Sciences

  • Richland - The Richland Section sponsored the fourth year of “Girls in Science” bringing together 106 girls in grades 6-8 in Northeastern Oregon. The daylong event focused on the analysis of evidence and forensics to illustrate chemistry in a very tangible way.

Outstanding Overall Women Chemists Committee

  • Eastern New York and Michigan State - The Eastern New York section sponsored multiple activities to address professional development and community outreach. A new activity, "Why Plastics?" used sponsor support to provide science education through hands-on activities at local schools.

    The Michigan State section sponsored a series called "Things Every Scientist Should Know - Outside the Laboratory" involved the community along with local women chemists. Additional outreach events included work with 66 girls during Girl Scout patch day and strong participation in the Breast Cancer Walk.

Outstanding Single Event Promoting Women

  • South Carolina - The South Carolina section solicited funding and arranged for the placement of the Chemical Heritage Foundation exhibit "Her Lab in Your Life: Women in Chemistry" at two local public libraries. The exhibit was well publicized and attracted more than 6000 teachers and students as well as thousands more of the general public.

Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs

Local Section Career Program Award (Small to Medium Large)

  • Detroit - The Detroit Local Section Career Program had another successful year networking at all local functions, holding a well-attended workshop co-hosted by YCC, participating with KIC at a Career Fair, and one-on-one assistance for almost tow dozen members.

Outstanding Local Section Career Program (Large to Very Large)

  • North Jersey - In 2005, the North Jersey Section provided numerous career workshops and symposia, provided outreach to Student Affiliate Groups at several local universities, and provided members with access to job openings.

Younger Chemists Committee

Most Creative Local Section Younger Chemists

  • San Diego - The San Diego Local Section Younger Chemists Committee held immigration Worshop to provide the necessary tools and accurate information from experienced immigration attorneys on how researchers and scientists can apply for permanent residency in the United States.

Outstanding Local Section Younger Chemists Committee

  • Northeastern - The Northeastern Local Section Younger Chemists Committee's impressive array of activities included the Northeast Student Chemistry Career Fair, the 7th Annual Northeastern Student Chemistry Research Conference, a YCC Career Symposium, and exchange program with a German YCC group, social events, and a successful website.

Outstanding New Local Section Younger Chemists Committee

  • Midland - The Midland Local Section Younger Chemists Committee held two networking events, a river raft trip, and two sports outings, and provided an informational booth and assistance to the Midland Fall Scientific Meeting.

Outstanding Programming for Younger Chemists by a Division

  • Division of Organic Chemistry - The Division of Organic Chemistry awards Young Researcher Travel Awards to aid young chemists in presenting papers or posters at the ACS National Meetings as well as sponsors fellowships to outstanding third and fourth year graduate students in organic chemistry.

Divisional Activities Committee

Division Recognition

  • Division of Biochemical Technology - The Division of Biochemical Technology, which has broken new ground by providing a Web Symposia Series to members, providing scholarships for attending academic institutions, and training for other ACS Divisions to beging web symposia.
  • Division of Computers in Chemistry - The Division of Computers in Chemistry successfully launched a new periodical, Annual Reports in Computational Chemistry, as member benefit for growth and retention. This periodical provides members critical reviews of important topics in computational chemistry as applied to all chemical disciplines.
  • Division of History of Chemistry - Presented to the Division of History of Chemistry to recognize its influential leadership, thoughtful innovation and effective creativity in the area of outreach to the Division and ACS members in particular and to the general public as well.
  • Rubber Division - The Rubber Division is recognized for innovative thinking in creating its first high school outreach program, combined sudent colloquium/job fair and naitonal Workforce Development Program, resulting in increased student participation and more opportunities to bring students into the chemical profession.

Local Section Activities Committee and Division Activities Committee Joint Subcommittee on Interactions

Local Section/Division Interaction Award

  • Alaska Local Section & Division of Small Chemical Businesses - In 2005, the Alaska Local Section and the Division of Small Chemical Businessess co-sponsored the ACS Northwest Regional Meeting. The Division encouraged participation, offering free registration to symposium presenters, participated in the Exposition, and extended outreach to the Alaska community, contributing to the purchase of a traveling periodic table.

Committee on Chemists with Disabilities

Chemists with Disabilities Inclusion Award

  • Midland - Approximately 30 students participated in Disability mentoring Day in Midland, MI. The activitiy was sponsored by the Dow Chemical Company, in collaboration with six county high schools, the MiConnections High School-High Tech Project, the Center for Independent Living of Mid-Michigan, and DiverseAbility LLC. The high school students shadowed at 15 Midland employers in the community. The students and mentors used a discussion guide to process what the students learned in the job during the shadowing. The program was
  • recognized in the Midland Daily News.

Society Committee on Education

ACS Student Affiliate Chapter Interaction Award

  • North Jersey - The North Jersey Local Section worked with five Student Affiliates Chapters, providing a series of career programs, events at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, and National Chemistry Week activities.

Outstanding High School Student Program Award

  • Midland - Seven local high schools involving more than 125 students in cooperation with the Midland Section ACS are involved in a multiyear program to evaluate, test and understand the Saginaw Bay watershed.