ChemLuminary Awards

The ChemLuminary Awards gives members a great opportunity to recognize local sections, regional meetings, divisions, and International Chapters that receive recognition for their extraordinary work in promoting chemistry and the chemical sciences.

ChemLuminary Awards Descriptions

Committee Acronym Award Description
Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs CCPA This award recognizes a local section for outstanding efforts to increase member involvement in government affairs and advance public policy to benefit science and society.
Committee on Chemists with Disabilities CWD This award recognizes the outstanding effort of a local section that has a program designed to increase the participation of people with disabilities in the wonderful world of chemistry.
Committee on Community Activities CCA The Committee on Community Activities’ awards recognize local sections that have demonstrated exemplary performance in the development and implementation of outstanding activities in support of National Chemistry Week (NCW) and Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCED).
Committee on Divisional Activities DAC These awards recognize innovative and outstanding service to members of a division.
Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs CEPA These awards recognize Local Section Career Programs that have contributed significantly to ACS members' career management and development.           
Committee on Environmental Improvement CEI This award recognizes a local section that has introduced a new and outstanding program promoting sustainability at the local level.
Committee on Local Section Activities
LSAC The Committee on Local Section Activities recognizes local sections for outstanding overall performance and for excellence in individual programs or activities.
Committee on Meetings & Expositions
M&E This award is presented by the Committee on Meetings and Expositions in recognition of outstanding performance in organizing and hosting a regional meeting.
Committee on Minority Affairs CMA This award recognizes a Local Section Committee on Minority Affairs that consistently promotes and encourages the participation and leadership of underrepresented minorities in the chemical sciences
Committee on Project SEED
SEED This award is given annually by the Committee on Project SEED to recognize the local section organizing the most outstanding Project SEED program.
Committee on Public Relations & Communications CPRC These awards are given to local sections by the Committee on Public Relations and Communications in an effort to recognize outstanding efforts by local sections to promote chemistry to the public. 
Committee on Technician Affairs CTA This award recognizes an outstanding event or activity organized by or benefitting Applied Chemical Technology Professional (Chemical Technician) community.
Corporation Associates CA This award is given to a local section by Corporation Associates to recognize outstanding efforts in producing an event that benefits industry members or students seeking a career in industry.
International Activities Committee IAC This award honors an ACS Local Section, division or International Chemical Sciences Chapter for its efforts in the international realm, particularly in engaging ACS Chemical Sciences Chapters.
Joint DAC & LSAC Award DAC & LSAC This award recognizes collaborative efforts between an ACS division and local section.
Leadership Advisory Board LAB This award is given to a local section, technical division, or regional meeting for outstanding efforts to promote leadership development through the ACS LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM™ among its members.
Senior Chemists Committee SCC The Senior Chemists Committee awards recognize local sections for their efforts to increase the participation of senior members and to encourage innovative activities at the local level.
Society Committee on Education SOCED The Society Committee on Education recognizes local sections that have developed  outstanding chemical education activities during the previous calendar year. 
Women Chemists Committee WCC This award is given to a local section by the Women Chemists Committee to recognize outstanding efforts in promoting women in the chemical sciences.
Younger Chemists Committee YCC These awards are given to the Younger Chemists Committees of ACS Local Sections in recognition of their efforts to serve chemists under the age of 35.