ChemLuminary Award Nomination Guidelines for LSAC-Sponsored Awards

  • ChemLuminary Nominations are due by February 15th.
  • Any event held by a local section is eligible as long as it meets the criteria for the award.
  • A local section may only nominate one event for each LSAC-sponsored award.
  • ChemLuminary Self-Nominations will not be considered for local sections whose administration and financial forms were not completed and approved by February 15th.
  • The self-nomination must demonstrate the innovative aspects of the event.
  • The self-nomination must also demonstrate the outstanding service aspects of the event.

Information about the event that should be included in the self-nomination

  • Attendance
  • Impact on members and non-members
  • Joint planning with another group
  • Successes of the event
  • Thoughts on how the event will be sustained