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Award in Chemical Instrumentation

Purpose: Advancing the field of chemical instrumentation through achievement of one or more of the following:

  • Conceptualization and development of unique instrumentation that has made a significant impact on the field. 
  • Demonstration of innovative use of instrumentation in chemical measurement.
  • Stimulation of other researchers to use instrumentation in chemical measurement. 
  • Authorship of research papers or books that have had an influential role in the use of chemical instrumentation.


  • Eligibility is not restricted to members of the Division of Analytical Chemistry. Nominees for the J. Calvin Giddings Award for Excellence in Education must, however, must have demonstrated excellence in teaching through at least five years at the time the award is presented. 
  • Contributions by a candidate that have been recognized by a prior Divisional or ACS national award generally will not be considered by the jury for a Divisional award, especially if an award has been received within the past three years and within a similar area. This does not apply to the Award for Distinguished Service. Previous award winners for the divisional awards are listed below. The jury shall receive from its chairperson a list for each nominee of any such prior awards, their dates, and their citations. 
  • Any candidate previously nominated for an award who was not chosen as the awardee will be considered for up to three additional years without further action by the nominator being required. 

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