BIOT Industrial Biotechnology Award

Industrial Biotechnology Award

Sponsor: Division of Biochemical Technology

Purpose: This award is to honor organizations or individuals for their achievements in the commercialization of novel processes exploiting biochemical technology.

Nature: Award (1) will be made to companies, teams, organizations or individuals; (2) will be in the form of a plaque; there will be no cash award; (3) will require/invite recipients to give a talk at the ACS national meeting. The talk will be as open as possible. Travel expenses are expected to be born by the recipient; (4) will be for commercial bioprocess technology and will favor processes brought to commercial practice within the past 5 to 10 years; (5) will honor "processes" broadly defined to include fully integrated processes to produce a biological product, technology that underlies or enables multiple processes, or processes that solve environmental problems (e.g. bioremediation).

Eligibility: The award process:(1) will allow both self-nominations and nominations by others;(2) will require submission of application material by a specified date in advance of the meeting;(3) will consider as selection criteria the innovativeness of the process, its commercial and/or societal impact, and the contribution of the process to advancing the state of the art in bioprocess technology as evidenced by patents, books, journal articles, or other forms of public disclosure;(4) will involve a review process by a selection committee.

Establishment & Support: The inaugural award was made at the Fall, 1998 meeting in Boston.

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