BIOT W. H. Peterson Awards

W. H. Peterson Awards

Purpose: The W.H. Peterson Award is granted annually for the best oral presentation by a student and the best poster by a student in Biochemical Technology Division-sponsored sessions at the ACS National Meeting (usually in the Fall).

Nature: The Awardees receive a cash award as well as a plaque to commemorate the award. Additionally, each of the Awardees will receive up to a $250 catalog credit from Gibco Cell Culture - Invitrogen for their research groups.

Eligibility: 1) You must be a student member of the BIOT division. 2) If you are making more than one presentation, you may only apply for the award for only one presentation (either oral or poster, but not both). 3) If you are a past winner of the Peterson Award, you may not apply again. 4) Please ensure that all the required information and materials are provided; incomplete applications will not be considered. 5) Due to the large volume of applications received, we will not send you a confirmation of the receipt of your application. However, if you have any questions/comments please contact the award chairs at the address below.

Please include the following in your application: 1) The application form duly filled out. 2) A current Curriculum Vitae including record of manuscripts published or in review (not in preparation), previous presentations based on student's thesis research at regional or national meetings, indicating the presenter, and whether it was an oral or poster presentation. 3) An extended abstract of the proposed presentation. The extended abstract should include a maximum of two pages of text and maximum of four attached figures and/or tables. This abstract should describe the research question(s) that will be addressed in the presentation, the extent to which those questions will been answered, and the technological/scientific significance of the results. Indicate the publication status of this research at the time of application, including the journal and expected date of submission/publication. 4) Please email the above documents to your advisor, and request your advisor to forward the documents, along with a confidential reference letter supporting your nomination for the award to

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