Marvin J. Johnson Award in Microbial and Biochemical Technology

Sponsor: Pfizer, Inc

Purpose: To recognize outstanding research contributions toward the advancement of microbial and biochemical technology.

Nature: The Award consists of $ 5,000 and a plaque. It is presented by the Division of Biochemical Technology at the Spring meeting of the American Chemical Society. An address by the recipient on his/her research is part of the Award Ceremony.

Eligibility: The nominee shall have accomplished independent and original research that has exceptionally significant impact upon the field of microbial and biochemical technology. He/she shall be a divisional or national member or affiliate of the American Chemical Society.

Procedure for Nomination: All BIOT division members are encouraged to submit nominations. The deadline for 2009 nominations is January 31. The form should be completed and sent to Dr. Norman B Jansen Pfizer Inc., API Process Technology, mailstop PORT-91-201, Kalamazoo, MI 49001. The sponsor must also submit a complete description of the nominee’s research contributions for which the Award is intended, with bibliography and endorsements of the nomination by two additional persons.

Establishment & Support: The Award was established in 1978 and is supported by Pfizer Inc. Previous recipients include D. Perlman, S.N. Cohen, E.J. Reese, M. Mandels, D.I.C. Wang, R.A. Messing, M.L. Shuler, G.T. Tsao, H.R. Bungay, J.E. Bailey, A.M. Klibanov, T.Kent Kirk, E. Gaden, Jr., H. W. Blanch, A. E. Humphrey, A. Demain, E. T. Papoutsakis, M. Moo-Young, J. Schultz, G. Stephanopoulos, M.Ladisch, G. Georgiou, R. Kelly, W.-S. Hu, D. S. Clark, J. Dordick, B. Buckland.

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