Young Investigator Symposium

Purpose: To honor talented young inorganic chemists, and provides a high-profile forum for them to present their research results. There will be a total of 8 speakers, and each will give a 30-minute presentation. The DIC will provide a $1000 honorarium for each speaker and a plaque to commemorate her/his participation in the event.

Eligibility: Only DIC members are eligible. Candidates must be enrolled as graduate students or hold positions as postdoctoral fellows (academia, industry or government lab), and be no more than one year beyond completion of the Ph.D. at the time of the nomination. Visiting scholars and similar titles are not eligible. Awardees must not have accepted a permanent, independent position at the time of selection. Candidates will be asked to verify that they have not accepted a permanent position before being named as awardees.

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