Paul G. Gassman Distinguished Service Award

Sponsor: Division of Organic Chemistry

Purpose – To recognize the outstanding service of a member to the organic chemistry community.

Nature: The award consists of $3,000 and a plaque. The award is presented biennially at the fall executive committee dinner in even-numbered years. Travel expenses to attend the national meeting are provided for awardees.

Eligibility - Nominees must be long-standing members of the Organic Division of the American Chemical Society who through their contributions to the organic chemical community in the United States have significantly enhanced the welfare of its members. Contributions to the American Chemical Society and/or the Organic Chemistry Division, including significant accomplishments in the management and function of the ACS that impact the environment of organic chemistry, leadership and innovation in the Division, and conspicuous service on behalf of organic chemists are appropriate considerations for this award.

Deadline - The due date for the 2011 award will be available at the Organic Chemistry Division website:

Establishment & Support: The award was established in 1994 with financial help from the Bayer Corporation's Pharmaceutical Division, located in West Haven, CT, and Bayer's Polymer and Materials Divisions, located in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2007, the award was endowed by the Midwest Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry Consortium with a supporting contribution from the Division of Organic Chemistry.

Contact Information

Information on the program and application forms is available at Division of Organic Chemistry on the Paul G. Gassman Distinguished Service Award webpage.