Travel Awards for Graduate Students Traveling to ACS National Meetings

Sponsor: Division of Organic Chemistry

Purpose: Provide aid to graduate students for travel to National ACS Meetings.

Nature: Travel awards of $600 each to aid graduate students in presenting papers or posters at ACS Meetings. Scientific merit of the paper to be presented will be considered.

Eligibility: Must be a junior, have engaged in full time research for at least one summer, have the intent to enter graduate school in chemistry and be presenting papers and/or posters at a National ACS Meeting. Each university department can have only one award recipient.

Deadline: ORGN Travel award application deadlines for National Meetings are November 15th for the Spring meeting and May 1st for the Fall Meeting.

Establishment & Support: The Division of Organic Chemistry sponsors these awards.

Contact Information

Information for application for the Graduate Student Travel Awards is available at Division of Organic Chemistry on the Travel Awards webpage.