Travel Awards for Undergraduates Traveling to the National Organic Symposium

Sponsor: Division of Organic Chemistry

Purpose: Provide financial assistance for undergraduates to attend the National Organic Symposium.

Nature: Awardees are selected by the incumbent and future Executive Officers using research experience and letters of recommendation. The travel award provides $500 in financial assistance to attend the National Organic Symposium.

Eligibility: The recipients should have engaged in at least one significant research project and have the intent to enter graduate school in chemistry. Preference will be given to those who are presenting posters at a National Organic Symposium. Each university department can have only one award recipient.

Deadline: Application deadlines for these awards will be in early March in the year of the National Organic Symposium.

Establishment & Support: The Division of Organic Chemistry sponsors these awards.

Contact Information

Information for application for the Undergraduate Student Travel Awards is available at Division of Organic Chemistry on the National Organic Symposium webpage.