Graduate Student Award in Computational Physical Chemistry

Graduate Student Award in Computational Physical Chemistry

Sponsor: National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Purpose: Encourage graduate work in computational chemistry, recognize research accomplishments and stimulate interest in the Subdivision of Theoretical Chemistry and the PHYS division of the ACS

Nature: Two awards will be made annually. The first is for up to 60,000 service units on NCSA's Teragrid resources and the second is for up to 30,000 service units.

Eligibility: Open to any graduate student, regardless of citizenship who is an ACS member or whose advisor is an ACS member

Deadline: October 1 (annual review).

Establishment & Support: Since 2009, these awards are currently supported by NCSA. They were initially established with support from CRAY, and from 1995 until 2005 IBM provided support for these awards. No awards were made in 2006-2008.

Contact Information: Theory Subdivision Chair

Division Name: PHYS

Division Website:

Theory Subdivision Website: