Joseph Breen Memorial Fellowship


ACS International Endowment Fund. The award is administered by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®.


To sponsor a young international green chemistry scholar to participate in an international green chemistry technical meeting, conference or training program.


The amount of the award is based on the estimated cost of travel, accommodation, and fees associated with the event, up to $2000 USD.


“Young” international scholar is defined as undergraduate students, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, and above, but below the level of Assistant Professor and within the first seven years of a professional career. Applicants residing within the U.S. or abroad are eligible for this award. The applicant must demonstrate research or educational interest in green chemistry.

Establishment & Support

The American Chemical Society (ACS) established the Joseph Breen Memorial Fund through the ACS International Endowment Fund in 2000. This fund commemorates Joe Breen’s commitment and accomplishments for the advancement of green chemistry.

Read more about Joe Breen, a founder of the worldwide green chemistry movement and the first Director of the Green Chemistry Institute.

2017 Breen Award Winner Caitilín McManus
2017 Breen Award Winner Caitilín McManus, a chemistry student at Trinity College in Dublin, was selected for her research on sustainable alternatives in chemistry that contribute toward alleviating the global shortage of precious and rare earth metals. McManus studied how Buchwald couplings using palladium can be replaced with green alternatives to make more accessible synthetic processes. Presented by Thomas Connelly, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO of ACS.
Photo Credit: Ben Zweig
2017 Breen Award Winner Samantha Smith
2017 Breen Award Winner Samantha Smith, a Ph.D. candidate in chemistry at the University of Toronto, was selected for her research on improving hydrogenation and dehydrogenation chemistry with a focus on developing iron-based catalysts that are able to either move or break hydrogen. Presented by Thomas Connelly, PhD., Executive Director and CEO of ACS.
Photo Credit: Ben Zweig