2017 Heroes of Chemistry Nomination Procedures

We are not yet receiving applications for the 2017 Heroes of Chemistry Awards.

Eligibility Criteria

Any private or publicly owned for-profit company may nominate an individual chemist, biochemist, chemical engineer, or team of scientists who played a vital role in the research and development of a commercial product that has had a dramatic impact on the welfare and progress of humanity. Nominees must demonstrate significant and lasting contributions through their work in chemistry.

Technology or development partnerships between multiple for-profit companies are welcome to co-nominate a person or a team. Management approval and support of the nomination from both corporate entities are necessary.

Individuals who are no longer with the nominating company, but played a key role in developing the innovation(s) or product(s) are also eligible to be included on the nomination.

Nomination Package

Each submission must include a completed Nomination Form accompanied by the following items:

Descriptive Summary: Provide a detailed narrative addressing the product’s commercial use, its benefit to humanity, chemistry's central role, and the involvement of the nominee(s) in developing and commercializing the product(s).

Financial Information: Summarize the market success and economic impact of the nominated product(s).

Nominee Contact Form: Include all relevant contact information for each team member being nominated on this form.

  • Note: Please take the time to carefully and properly fill out the contact information of each team member.  This information will be used for promotional materials and to contact winners.

Biography or Résumé/CV: A short biography or résumé/CV (max. two pages) should be submitted for each nominee.

Supporting Materials: Any brochures, articles, or press releases, etc. that describe the impact of the nominee(s) and/or the product being recognized are highly encouraged.

Selection Process

A panel of judges will select the 2017 Heroes of Chemistry on the basis of:

  • The technical merit of the innovation, including the talent and foresight demonstrated by the nominee(s)
  • The commercial impact of the product(s), including its financial performance and/or market share
  • The impact and benefit to humankind made by the product(s)

Each nomination should emphasize chemistry’s central role in the development of the product(s) being highlighted. If a team of individuals is being nominated, it is necessary to highlight the contributions made by each chemical scientist toward the development and commercialization of the product(s).

All nominees will be notified by June 2017. The selected winners, along with executives from each winning company, will be invited to attend a black tie dinner ceremony that will take place on the Sunday of the Fall ACS National Meeting in Washington, DC, August 20, 2017.

Heroes of Chemistry

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