Frederic Stanley Kipping Award in Silicon Chemistry

Sponsor: Dow

Purpose: To recognize distinguished contributions to the field of silicon chemistry and, by such example, to stimulate the creativity of others.

Nature: The award consists of $5,000 and a certificate. Up to $2,500 for travel expenses will be reimbursed to the spring national meeting at which the award will be presented and to the U.S. based Silicon Symposium to deliver an award address. The award is presented biennially in even-numbered years.

Eligibility: A nominee must have made distinguished contributions in the field of silicon chemistry during the 10 years preceding the current nomination. The measure of this achievement should focus primarily on the nominee's significant publications in the field of silicon chemistry, silicon-based material sciences or the related field of organometallic chemistry particularly embracing the elements of Group IV. The award will be granted regardless of race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, presence of disabilities, and educational background.

Deadline: November 1 (Presented biennially in even-numbered years.)

Establishment & Support: The award was established in 1960 by the Dow to commemorate the achievements of Prof. Frederic Stanley Kipping.

Contact Information

Awards Office

American Chemical Society
1155 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036-4801
Phone: 202-872-4575
Fax: 202-776-8008


2020 Barry Arkles

2018 Tamejiro Hiyama

2016 Michael A. Brook

2014 Scott E. Denmark

2012 Mitsuo Kira

2010 Yitzhak Apeloig

2008 T. Don Tilley

2006 Akira Sekiguchi

2004 James E. Mark

2002 Kohei Tamao

2000 Peter Jutzi

1998 Joseph B. Lambert

1996 Wataru Ando

1994 Robin Walsh

1992 Nils Wiberg

1990 John L. Speier, Jr.

1988 Raymond Calas

1986 Peter P. Gaspar

1984 Robert J. P. Corriu

1982 Thomas J. Barton

1980 E. A. V. Ebsworth

1978 Hideki Sakurai

1976 Michael F. Lappert

1975 Hans Bock

1974 Hubert Schmidbaur

1973 Adrian G. Brook

1972 Dietmar Seyferth

1971 Alan G. MacDiarmid

1970 Robert West

1969 Robert A. Benkeser

1968 Ulrich Wannagat

1967 Makoto Kumada

1966 Gerhard Fritz

1965 Eugene G. Rochow

1964 Colin Eaborn

1963 Leo H. Sommer

1962 Henry Gilman

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2018 recipient Tamejiro Hiyama (center) is presented his award by sponsor representative James Helwick (right) and Peter K. Dorhout, ACS President (left).