ACS National Awards: Nominations—Policy and Procedures

Policy Statement


The Society shall recognize and honor those who advance farthest the objects of the Society as stated in its National Charter and Constitution.


All segments of the Society, including local sections, divisions, and regional organizations, may establish awards.

Local/Regional Awards

Awards given by local sections, divisions, or regional organizations will be administered in accordance with the governing documents of the appropriate division, local section, or regional organization.

Administrative Guidelines

The administration of national awards shall ordinarily be in accordance with the following principles:

  1. The area of recognition shall be defined in a manner to ensure that an adequate number of qualified nominees will be available throughout the life of the award.
  2. The establishment of duplicating or overlapping awards shall be avoided.
  3. The awards given shall reflect current activities and developments in both traditional and newly emerging areas of chemistry.
  4. The award will be called the "American Chemical Society Award in/for... sponsored by…." Except in the most unusual of circumstances, the Society will not name an award after an individual. An individual's name may be included in the establishment or support sections of an award's description, but only when the award is endowed in perpetuity. The Treasurer of the Society will determine the amount required to endow an award in perpetuity. The proposed inclusion of a name shall be subject to approval by the ACS Board of Directors or its designee.
  5. The award shall include an appropriate cash prize and reasonable travel expenses. The amounts of money allocated to these items shall be reviewed periodically.
  6. Financial support for each award shall be committed for five presentations at intervals of not less than one year, after which the sponsor and the ACS may consider extension of the arrangement under such award policies as are in force at that time.
  7. The award sponsor shall provide annually an appropriate sum to cover expenses of administration.
  8. Any individual may nominate nominees for ACS national awards, except Board members during their terms of service on the Board.
  9. There shall be periodic review of such issues as the adequacy of award selection committees, the breadth of coverage of awards, and the adequacy and appropriateness of each individual award in order to ensure the quality and integrity of the ACS national awards program.
  10. A person cannot win the same award more than once.

Segment Guidelines

Society segments, as defined in (2), may sponsor national awards. Such awards shall be treated in all ways identical to other national awards except that the award address may be under the supervision of the local section, division, or regional organization where the award originated.


The Society shall make every effort to provide appropriate publicity for award recipients and the awards programs of the Society and its local sections, divisions, and regional organizations.