Pized Science 2012 Episodes

How the science behind ACS awards impacts your life.

Prized Science is a video series featuring the work and contributions of recipients who won ACS awards. Watch, listen, and discover how the chemistry behind ACS’ awards transforms our lives.

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Ep. 1: “Robert Langer: A Founding Father of Tissue Engineering and Controlled Drug Release”

Youtube ID: EGxLVQzSCJ0

The first episode of the 2012 season of Prized Science highlights the work of Robert Langer, Institute Professor at MIT. His influential research on tissue engineering and controlled drug release earned him the 2012 American Chemical Society Priestley Medal, the highest honor given by the world's largest scientific society.

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Ep. 2: “Chad Mirkin: Gold Nanoparticles & The Future of Medical Diagnostics”

Youtube ID: _MgMiK7LKc8

This episode features Chad Mirkin, Ph.D., the 2012 winner of the ACS’s Award for Creative Invention. Working in the nano scale, Mirkin uses gold particles to create promising new medical diagnostic tools that could lead to future cancer treatments and ways to track and treat diseases at earlier stages.

Ep. 3: “Vicki Grassian: Making Sense of Atmospheric Dust”

Youtube ID: qFMpw8LzQ2U

Featuring the winner of the 2012 ACS Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science and Technology. Vicki helps scientists better understand the complex and wide ranging behavior of dust particles. Her work paints a clearer picture of atmospheric chemistry and the role particulate matter plays in the environment. Just like her subject, her research has global reach.

Ep. 4: “Diane Bunce: Training the Next Generation of Scientists”

Youtube ID: CYTGErqeGEk

This episode features celebrated chemistry professor Diane Bunce, winner of the ACS George C. Pimentel Award in Chemical Education. When Bunce isn't training a new generation of scientists in her classroom, she also makes chemistry more accessible to the general public through entertaining holiday lectures about the chemistry of Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day and more.

Ep. 5: “Peter Wolynes: Untangling Protein Folding”

Youtube ID: N6Al_kqmFDw

Peter Wolynes, winner of the 2012 ACS Award in Theoretical Chemistry, spent his career untangling the process of protein folding and discovered a process through which these chain molecules tumble into shape. His discovery may help usher in new techniques for personalized medicine and reveal how protein mutations affect the body.