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Stanley C. Israel Regional Award Archive


Region Recipient Affiliation
NORM Sandy Ross Montana Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership
SERMACS Vincent Ortiz Auburn University
CERM Amanda C. Bryant-Friedrich University of Toledo
MWRM Javier Vela-Becerra Iowa State University
SWRM Carolyn Burnley Greater Houston Local Section


Region Recipient
MWRM Hope College
SERMACS Daniel Rabinovich
SWRM Isaiah Warner
WRM WIlma Amaro


Region Recipient
NERM Annemarie Ross
RMRM Rosemarie Depoy Walker
SERMACS Christine Grant
SWRM Keith Pannell


Region Recipient
CERM Pratibha Varma-Nelson
GLRM Department of Chemistry and Physics, Chicago State University
MWRM Alexa Serfis
SERMACS Carol Parish and Hongtao Yu
SWRM Donna Nelson and Zakiya Wilson


Region Recipient
MARM Luis Colon
NORM Ralph Young
SERMACS Angela Peters
SWRM Zakia Wilson


Region Recipient
SERMACS Cornelia D. Gillyard
SWRM Antoine Carty


Region Recipient
CERM Wonders of our World, W.O.W. / Susan V. Olesik
MARM The Chemistry Department at Queensboro Community College
NERM Todd Pagano
RMRM Maria Teresa Velez
SERMACS Judith Iriarte-Gross
WRM William A. Lester


Region Recipient
SERMACS Gloria Thomas
WRM David Brown