How to Plan a Salutes Presentation

  1. Choose a candidate. Be sure to get all necessary approvals from the site owner and your organization.
  2. Submit a Salutes to Excellence Registration Form. A commemorative plaque will be sent to you within four weeks of your submitted request. The plaque is designed to frame your printed citation, which should identify the achievement and explain its significance. You may use one of the templates provided or create one of your own.
  3. Organize a planning group for your celebration. The committee may include as broad a representation of the community as you wish. Consider retired chemists who may be eager to share their experiences. The committee should include a representative of the organization or site being honored, and the public relations chair or equivalent person from your local section, division, committee, or region.

Types of Events

The following list contains some examples of the types of events your community might host for presenting a Salutes to Excellence award.

  • Plan a ceremony at the site for presentation of the commemorative plaque to an appropriate dignitary. The ceremony could include brief informative talks, perhaps with an exhibit, a tour, or a reception
  • Plan a breakfast, luncheon, or dinner with a featured speaker
  • Sponsor a discovery day at a science museum featuring career information
  • Arrange an exhibit at a public venue such as a shopping mall or a library with time allowed for presenting the plaque
  • Plan a ceremony during a state or countywide teachers meeting
  • Invite area educators to a special meeting highlighting chemical education

Other activities can be planned in conjunction with your event. For example, you might conduct a poster contest related to chemistry or feature hands-on activities as part of your local section or other monthly meetings. Whatever your event might be, involving community members in the celebration will create an effective outreach opportunity for promoting chemistry.

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