E. Ann Nalley Award Archive


Region Winner Affiliation
CERM Dr. Roger Parker Cincinnati Local Section
MARM Dr. Paris Svoronos
New York Local Section
NORM Dr. James Currie, Jr.
Portland Local Section


Region Winner Affiliation
MWRM Khamis S. Siam Mo-Kan-OK (the Tri-State) Local Section
SERMACS Judith Marie Iriarte-Gross Nashville Local Section
SWRM Diana S. Mason Dallas Fort Worth Local Section
WRM Sanda P. Sun Orange County Local Section
CERM Heather Juzwa Pittsburgh Local Section
Susan Shih Chicago Local Section
NERM Wayne E. Jones, Jr. Binghamton Local Section
NORM Richard L. Nafshun Oregon Local Section


Region Winner Affiliation
NORM Janet L. Bryant Richland Section
SERMACS S.K. Airee University of Tennesee - Martin
CERM Patrick B. Smith Midland Section
MWRM Leah O'Brien St. Louis Local Section
SWRM Mamie W. Moy Greater Houston Local Section


Region Winner Affiliation
NERM Doris I. Lewis Northeastern Section
CERM Bob Howell Midland Section
NORM Martha G. K. Dibblee Portland Section
MWRM Thomas J. Breenbowe Ames Section
GLRM Michael J. Collins LaCrosse-Winona Section
SERMACS Mary Moore North Tennessee Section
SWRM Robert Botto Greater Houston Section
WRM Rita R. Boggs Southern California Section


Region Winner Affiliation
MARM Wililam Suits North Jersey Section
CERM Meghann Murray Detroit Section
NORM Henry Charlier, Jr. Snake River Section
MWRM Lisa Balbes St. Louis Section
RMRM Ronald Furstenau Colorado Section
SERMACS Christopher Bannochie Savannah River Section


Region Winner Affiliation
MARM Joan Laredo-Lidell New York Section
CERM Dorris Zimmerman Penn-Ohio Border
NORM Thomas G. Dunne Portland Section
MWRM D. Paul Rillema Wichita Section
GLRM Lydia Hines Kalamazoo Section
SERMACS Paul Deck Virginia Blue Ridge Section
SWRM Donna Nelson Oklahoma Section
WRM Thomas R. Beattie San Diego Section


Region Winner Affiliation
MARM Alan Cooper North Jersey Section
NERM Richard Partch Northern NY Section
CERM Steve Trohalaki Dayton Section
NORM Richard Hermens Richland Section
MWRM Michael D. Mosher Nebraska Section
SERMACS Tim Hanks Western Carolina Section
SWRM Paritosh Das Wichita-Falls Duncan Section


Region Winner Affiliation
NORM David Munich Puget Sound Section
MWRM Yasmin Patell Kansas State University Section
GLRM Marilyn Kouba Chicago Section
SERMACS Larry Krannich Alabama Section


Region Winner Affiliation
MARM N. Bhushan Mandava Chemical Society of Washington
NERM Christine Jaworek-Lopes Northeastern Section
NORM Timothy Hubler
Richland Section
SERMACS Bill Switzer North Carolina Section
WRM Boyd Earl and Onorfio (Dick) Gaglione Southern Nevada Section


Region Winner Affiliation
NERM Deborah L. Janes and Timothy E. Wilson Rochester Section
CERM Victor Arredondo Detroit Section
NORM Nicholas Natale Montana Section
SERMACS Ruth Woodall Nashville Section


Region Winner Affiliation
NERM D. Richard Cobb Rochester Section
NORM Jane Crosby Inland Northwest Section
MWRM Frank Salter Mark Twain Section
GLRM Thomas Holme Milwaukee Section
RMRM E. Gerald Meyer Wyoming Section
SERMACS Hank Ramsey Western Carolinas Section