Local Section Members Engaging Through Technology (METT) Grant


This grant program assists local sections to use technology to more fully engage their current membership in the section's goals and activities and to enhance their member recruitment efforts. Examples of these events could include, but are not limited to, software purchases to enable remote Local Section executive meetings, webinars, the use of ‘clickers’ to make section meetings and other events more interactive, or outings to learn about new technology pertinent to the Local Section.

Budget Guidelines

  • Maximum funding level: $2,000
  • Applications should include specific budget information about the event and/or the proposed technology purchase(s).

New budgetary guideline

In applications, Local Sections are encouraged to keep food expenses under 20% and venue rental costs under 20% of the total amount requested from LSAC.

Apply for the METT Grant

Timing & Dates

***Please note that the final report must be completed by the person in your section that submitted the original application. The final report is linked to that person's account in ACS' new grants management system.***


Email lsac@acs.org with any inquiries you have regarding this local section grant program.