Funded Innovative Project Grants

Fall 2016


Binghamton Local Section 75 Years Celebration
Celebrate 75th Section anniversary with a dinner during NERM, a lecture and poster presentation, and a special issue of the section newsletter “The Pipet”.


Purchase teleconferencing equipment that will allow the Section to broadcast and record business and technical meetings.


Live Streaming of Monthly Program Meetings
Stream Section's meetings to at least two additional remote sites so that many more of the 4,000 members will be able to participate and become active in Section activities by substantially decreasing commuting time.


Thinking about the Future of Chemistry
Stimulating, member-focused program on the future of chemistry and "thinking big".


Mentorship Program for Students in the Columbus Area
Career mentorship program for chemistry undergraduate & graduate students from the Columbus area, including training on CV/resume writing, developing interviewing skills, and one-to-one discussions.


Keynote Lecture by Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann
Host a talk called “Protochemistries are a bridge”, led by Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (1981) Roald Hoffman, designed for a general audience, covering how chemistry is found in culture and how our culture is found in chemistry.


3D-Printing with Dayton ACS: Social event for Science Teachers
Social networking event for local science teachers at a 3D-printing bar in Dayton to introduce them to 3D-printing and to foster relationships to facilitate participation in future activities.


Support Recruitment and Cohesion of ACS Members and Secondary Education Teachers
Recruit new members, increase the involvement of, and unite the local section members at a seminar of Hawaiian wine or a pupu event, where ten AACT memberships will be awarded.


Solving Art Mysteries through Chemistry at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA)
The IMA to host an evening centered on how chemistry solves art mysteries. Dr. Gregory D. Smith, ACS member and senior conservation scientist, will speak, with docent-led tours of the IMA’s galleries and state-of-the-art chemistry facility.

Kansas City

Collaboration between Local Sections to Advance the Strategic Plan of the ACS: Phase II Travel
Several local sections of District V (Omaha, Nebraska, Kansas City, Kansas State University, and Wichita) are cooperating to organize biannual networking events featuring career fairs, keynote lectures, and social events to bring together the ACS members of District V.


Nashville's Passport to Chemistry
Within the passport concept, current and future members will be encouraged to attend events where they will receive a stamp in their passport. A few hours of volunteerism, educational and social events will be mandatory to have a completed passport, where they will be recognized at the end of the cycle.

North Carolina

Safety First! Bringing Together NC-ACS Members and Science Educators
Host a professional development safety workshop to provide lessons to high school chemistry/science teachers about safety in the chemistry laboratory, facilitating a forum for meeting members of our local section, while offering participants continuing education credits.

Northeast Tennessee

Strategic Planning for Northeast Tennessee Section (NETSACS)
Conduct a two day strategic planning session with ACS facilitators to develop a strategic plan for the future development of NETSACS.

Northern New York

Bridging the Gap: Nature and Chemistry, a Lecture & Activity Series Focused on Natural Medicines
Series to introduce high school and college students, and the community to chemicals found in nature that have proven effects on human health.


Collaboration between Local Sections to Advance the Strategic Plan of the ACS: Phase I
Joint-section, two-day event designed for students, local professionals, post-docs, and community members, consisting of a career fair, poster, presentation session, keynote address, and networking at Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.


NORM 2017 Undergraduate Poster Symposium
The ACS student affiliate of Oregon State University will hold an undergraduate poster session to foster student connections and increase membership.


Chemistry Café: An On-Demand ACS Webinar Targeting Undergraduate Students for Recruitment
Work with the local active and inactive undergraduate student chapters to (1) recruit, retain, and increase membership in the ACS; (2) highlight scientific grand challenges of the 21st century; and (3) emphasize scientific literacy and chemical safety.


Earthquakes and Waste Water Disposal from Fracking
Public forum discussion of the risky effects of fracking wastewater disposal on earthquakes, followed by a Q&A session between the public and the panel.


Strategic Planning Retreat
Weekend strategic planning retreat, facilitated by ACS Leadership Development System, to develop a mission statement to align activities towards meeting the needs of the members and ensuring the sustainability of the Section.

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Spring 2016


Revitalizing Chemistry Teaching with AACT: One Day Academy for Birmingham Inner-City School Science
Professional development academy for Birmingham city school teachers to revamp chemistry education using AACT web resources in Summer 2016.

Central Massachusetts

Exploring the World We Live in via Green Chemistry
Teams of high school teachers and students to investigate in the laboratory how their consumer choices affect the environment.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Comet Chemistry Camp
A one-week summer camp for middle-school girls at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), with a daily theme that encompasses lessons, demos, and art activities, and hands-on experiments in a university science lab.


Career Services For Unemployed Members
Deliver a career services event, for an area recently affected by layoffs of many scientists, combining an ACS Career workshop with a career consultant review of resumes and mock interviews; all in an effort to start a Local Section Career Club.

East Central Illinois

East Central Illinois Undergraduate Research Conference
Introduce the Section's first annual Undergraduate Research Conference, where undergraduate students network with professionals in academia and industry, as well as educate members in the community about the value of undergraduate research.

Eastern New York

Green Chemistry to Unite Academia in the Eastern New York Local Section
Launch a green chemistry speaker series at various college venues, featuring scientists to educate students on how to incorporate green chemistry into their labs and research; local section members will chair and present a green chemistry session at NERM in Binghamton, NY.


Creating Paths to Success
Host graduate career workshops to equip students with resources to prepare them for success in chemical science careers; and establish a cohort of high school chemistry teachers to meet quarterly to share resources and design career exploration resources for their students.


Promoting ACS and AACT through Innovative Demonstrations
Enhance demos to broaden interest and help K-12 teachers and Section members instruct students and the general public about chemical safety.

Kansas State University

Leveraging Local Sections to Advance the Strategic Plan of the ACS: Phase II
District V Local Sections will collaboratively plan a weekend event in Kansas City, MO—complete with a morning career fair, keynote luncheon address, an undergraduate poster session, beer-themed science cafe and brewery tour, and evening social—aimed to increase inter-Section partnerships and ACS membership.


Career Path Workshop and Career Mentoring Program
An ACS Career Path workshop targeting undergraduate and graduate students, young and experienced professionals, post-docs, and professionals unemployed due to corporate downsizing in our area.


Life-Size Chemistry for Kids
Expand children's chemistry knowledge by growing the size of the demonstration, reaching every demographic of the Section by providing volunteers an opportunity to share science with children.

New Haven

New Haven Section Undergraduates Research Symposium
A day-long symposium for chemistry undergraduates to present results of research they have conducted, with oral/poster presentations plus a keynote speaker.

New York

New York Section’s 125th Anniversary Gala
A 125th local section anniversary celebration, hosting 125 events in 2016, highlighted through a gala symposium, entitled Chemistry: Past, Present, and Future, hosted at the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) in June 2016.

Panhandle Plains

Energizing Our Industry and Employer Base
Energize the chemical industry and employer base in the Panhandle Plains area by boosting participation in the semi-annual Amarillo Job Fair.


Growing Participation and Improving Communications
Create a means for members, unable to physically attend events, to still participate; improve social media resources to ensure that all members are informed of Section events.


Princeton ACS STEM Outreach and Entrepreneurship Program
A unique STEM outreach program targeting high school and graduate students, which will expose them to the job opportunities that exist in STEM fields and provide professional development for participants.


OH-MI-PIT’s Chemistry Retreat
Bring chemists from local sections in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan together for a weekend retreat that stimulate collaborations, celebrate the work of our students, and serve as a family-friendly event.

Washington-Idaho Border

Summer Teacher Workshop to Invigorate Chemical Olympics Participation
Initiate a lab-based summer workshop for local high and middle school teachers to encourage more chemistry experiments throughout the school year and in preparation for our local section’s National Chemical Olympiad event.


Effecting Mentoring: How to Build Meaningful and Productive Mentoring Relationships
Host a one-day workshop given by trainers from the National Research Mentoring Network for faculty, staff, post-docs, grad students and industrial internship advisors who mentor undergraduate researchers.

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Fall 2015


Polymers 101: Teaching Polymer Science Without Molecules
Develop a packaged educational program in polymer science to be implemented by multiple partner institutions as an outreach activity.


Chemistry In Our Universe
Host a Science Café-type event at the local observatory for members, their families, and the community to expand their knowledge of chemistry through a social evening of exploring the universe of the stars.


Climate Science Workshops for K-8 Science and High School Chemistry Teachers
Jerry Bell, Ph.D., codeveloper of the Climate Science Toolkit, will lead teacher workshops in several school locations in the Greater Bay Area, illustrating various chemical concepts.

Central Arkansas

Five Section Demo Competition
Video demo competition between undergraduate student chapters in the Central Arkansas, Northeast Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth, Baton Rouge, and San Antonio Local Sections.

Central Texas

Chemistry and Color: The Science and Art of Color Chemistry
An evening lecture on color chemistry, followed by a workshop with hands on activities for educators, who will mentor others in a challenge to complete an art project demonstrating a color chemistry concept.


Connecting Our Local Section with International Chemical Societies
An interactive video, Skype-type “meeting” with the Chinese Chemical Society, located in Taipei (CCST), to exchange information about our own sections, what our respective members do, and what our respective chemical societies do for its members.


Inspiring More Than Periodic Attendance
Implement new Periodic Attendance Cards to track and reward member attendance and integrate a clicker system to collect attendee feedback and boost involvement at section events.

Kanawha Valley

Instruments of Hygiene and Education
Provide equipment that will enhance the relationships between the Section and its active ACS student chapters.


Enrich Your Classroom Experience with AACT's Professional Education Opportunities
Host a teachers networking luncheon for Louisville and its surrounding area chemistry teachers to introduce AACT and its educational resources.


ACS x 3MT in Maryland
The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition is a platform for students to demonstrate their research to a general audience in three minutes, helping them to practice their presentation skills and learn how to translate scientific words to the public.

North Carolina

Combination Formal and Informal Joint YCC/SCC Mentoring Program
Implement a collaboration between the YCC and SCC designed to provide opportunities for young chemists to form mentor/mentee relationships with senior chemist professionals through formal and informal networking events.


Joint International Exchange Programming at the Boston ACS National Meeting
Once-in-our-lifetime opportunity to have three international exchange programs together at the ACS National Meeting in Boston, MA.


Undergraduate Insights into Careers in Chemistry Outside Academia
Students to tour two laboratory facilities of PPG Industries, a large industrial company in the area, as well as shadow and interview individual chemists employed in a range of positions within the company.


The Oregon Science Startup Forum, a One-day Course in Science Entrepreneurship
At the Oregon Science Startup Forum, a 1-day conference, attendees will hear the startup experiences of local science entrepreneurs, investors, and intellectual property lawyers, so that they can be better equipped to take specific steps to start a successful business.


Chem-Connect Colloquium In Southeast Texas
A one day event designed to encourage professional relations between chemists in the South-East Texas region.

Santa Clara Valley

Reaching our Southern Counties
Demonstrate to chemists and material scientists from the faculty and student bodies of six colleges in our section's geographically isolated southern half that the ACS exists for them, too.

South Florida

SoFL-ACS Chemical Sciences Student Research Symposium
Conduct SoFL-ACS Chemical Sciences Student Research Symposium at university venue, where high school, undergraduate and graduate research students will be invited to present their work.

St. Joseph Valley

Spark! Leadership Summit for Entrepreneurial-minded Professionals
Bring aspiring entrepreneurs and young professionals together to network, build their ideas, receive leadership mentoring, and engage in constructive dialogue concerning opportunity creation in the current economic climate.

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Younger Chemists Committee Project
Increase membership and connect young chemists with careers through mentoring, seminars, and trips to local industrial companies.


Virginia Section Centennial Celebration
Commemorate the Section's 100th anniversary with a gala event on Oct 24, 2015 to celebrate this milestone achievement and bring visibility to the organization within the State of Virginia.

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Spring 2015


"HotScience" - 21st Century STEM Research Skills for High School Students
A one-week summer workshop to teach talented high school students scientific skills for the 21st century


Chemistry Under the Midnight Sun
Provide chemical educators and students from isolated regions of Alaska access to chemical education workshops and other resources that will be available at the ACS 2016 Northwest Regional Meeting (NORM2016) in Anchorage, AK.


Education: Interpretation of Mass Spectra
A course of instruction in the interpretation of mass spectra with guidance, sample interpretations, and unknown spectra, conducted by two instructors.


K-12 Chemistry Teacher Appreciation Luncheon/Intro to AACT
Initiative formed by five local sections to promote the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) to K-12 science teachers in respective areas, showing appreciation for their important contributions to ACS.

Lehigh Valley

Summer Science Spectacular with the Reading Fightin' Phils
Organize a free, pre-game Science Day for kids visiting the Reading Fightin’ Phills baseball stadium on May 31, 2015.


The Chemical Industry in the South: Future Careers, Directions, and Challenges
Host symposia and workshops, as part of the 2015 SERMACS/SWRM, describing future directions and career opportunities in the chemical industry in the Southern US.


The Magic of Chemistry and Mommy Chemists
Host a magic show at a community center to captivate an audience of families with the mystifying and colorful properties of chemistry, providing them with take-home experiments, and followed by a chemistry playdate.

North Jersey

Cyber Science: From the Classroom and Beyond
A supplemental hands-on educational experience for teachers and students linking scientific principles to practical applications, solving real problems and introducing STEM careers.

Northern New York

The Amazing Chemistry Race
Host an “Amazing Chemistry Race” (analagous to a popular TV show) that consists of a fun, one-day competition among local high school teams and local college teams.

Ole Miss

Exploring the Chemistry of Food: Engaging the Ole Miss Local Section and Oxford, MS Community
Engage local section members and the local community in exploring the chemistry of food.


ACES+ (Activities for Community Education in Science, Plus)
A STEM outreach initiative engaging local Philadelphia students and teachers through the integration of the national Next Generation Science Standards into laboratory experiments for 5th and 6th grade students.

San Diego

ACS – West Coast Analytical Chemistry Symposium
Local Section chemists will present their work in the area of analytical chemistry in order to facilitate career development for early career analytical chemists in San Diego.

Savannah River

Science Saturdays at the Market
Host an exhibit at a well-attended local farmer’s market featuring the chemistry of food, arranging demonstrations and hands-on experiments to reach hundreds of members of the community in all age groups.

Upper Peninsula

Upper Peninsula / NE Wisconsin Student Research Symposium
Host a half-day student research symposium on the Northern Michigan University (NMU) campus, allowing students from colleges and universities to present their chemistry-related research in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

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Fall 2014


Northeast Ohio Graduate School in Chemistry and Biochemistry Symposium
Joint symposium to orient undergraduate students to the processes and expectations of graduate school in chemistry and biochemistry.

Chemical Society of Washington

Website for the Capital Chemist
Launch a new web-based newsletter and online community for CSW membership to improve communication between members and local section leadership.


Increased Engagement of New and Transferred Members
Reach out to new and transferred local section members through engaging existing members as greeters.

Eastern North Carolina

Water Contamination by Coal Ash: Public Discussion and Study
Sponsor public presentations and discussions by recognized experts about water quality issues posed by coal ash, and to support student projects derived from those discussions.


Increase Recruitment and Participation of Younger & Senior Chemists, and Precollege Teachers
Invite unengaged members to demonstrate chemistry concepts using candy, and distribute activity kits for attendees to try at home.


Kanawha Valley

Monitoring Water Chemistry throughout the Kanawha Valley
Educate and engage the community about maintaining clean water through data collection.

Kentucky Lake

Science Centers for Children during Local Section Meetings
Develop science activity centers for the children of local section members to attend during monthly section meetings.

Northeast Wisconsin

Chemistry in Cheese-Making Industry - Lecture and Tour
Explore the chemical partnership that exists in processing, material, and preparation method of cheese-making while touring the escarpment by motor coach.

Northeastern Ohio

Bag O' CANDY Science
Invite unengaged members to demonstrate chemistry concepts using candy, and distribute activity kits for attendees to try at home.


Pacific Northwest Regional Career Fair
Regional career fair spanning companies in the chemical industries of the Pacific Northwest for Section members, encouraging students to pursue careers in chemistry.


Wine, Cheese and Chocolate: A Chemistry Flavor Outreach Extravaganza
Host a fun, educational event celebrating the chemistry of wine, cheese, and chocolate at a winery in the Napa Valley area.

San Antonio

An Evening of Chemistry Demonstrations
Annual chemistry demonstration event to be held jointly with the chemistry club at a local university.

Santa Clara Valley

Celebration of Elements!
As part of the Section's 60-year celebration, highlight history and chemistry of two elements at NCW events and local section meetings, and sponsor periodic table at Foothill College.


Open Book: An Evening with Science Author Sam Kean
A free, public outreach event at a local library, featuring a popular science author, to foster science literacy and community engagement with chemists.

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For information on funded IPGs prior to Spring 2015, email LSAC.