International Student Chapter Activity Grant

The International Student Chapter Activity Grant is closed now, but will reopen in 2019. 

ACS international student chapters are eligible to receive up to $750 USD (based on a reasonable budget) to fund a project or event that falls into at least one of the following categories:

Professional Development

  • Host a scientific conference
  • Organize a professional development event
  • Collaborate with another student chapter or International Chemical Sciences Chapter
  • Attend a scientific meeting in your geographical region


  • Offer chapter members the opportunity to present research at a scientific conference or symposium
  • Host a research symposium
  • Organize student programming at a larger conference (see a list of ideas here)

Community Service

  • Help socioeconomically underserved children develop a passion for science. Grant funds may be used for a one-time event or to provide seed money for a new ongoing initiative. Chemistry-related proposals highly preferred.
  • Proposed activities should actively involve students aged 5-18, their parents, and/or teachers in hands-on science activities. Project should strengthen your chapter's network with local community groups and, where possible, your local International Chemical Sciences Chapter

SMART Goal Achievement

  • Does your chapter need financial support to pursue a project that doesn't fit into one of the above categories? Springboard Grant proposals will also be reviewed for any project that directly supports one or more of your chapter's Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive goals.




Applications will be accepted throughout the year and chapters can apply for a maximum of three International Chapter Activity Grants each year. The grant application and wire transfer process can take several weeks - please plan ahead and apply for funding well before your event date.


1. The International Student Chapter host must have active status with the ACS:

  • A chapter report was submitted within the last three years
  • At least six ACS student members have paid the current year's ACS dues

2. Grant applications must be submitted by the international student chapter, not by the faculty advisor.

3. For travel grants, awarded funds will be wired to the chapter's account once each traveler submits proof of valid travel documents (e.g. a visa, if necessary).

NOTE:  The International Student Chapter must have its own bank account in order to receive funds. If this is not possible, please contact to discuss your options.

Application Requirements


  • A brief summary of the program including the names of the international student chapter, any groups the chapter is collaborating with (e.g. an International Chemical Sciences Chapter), tentative or actual program dates, funding request amount, and overview of events.

Program Proposal:

  • A detailed description of events to take place that are planned by the international student chapter, including safety planning details, special materials needed (audio/visual, food, etc.), and program assessment plans.


  • A complete timeline should include 30, 60, and 90 day milestones (measured backward from the event date), event milestones, and the date by which the chapter will submit their final report (no more than 30 days after the event date).
  • Your timeline should show that your chapter has thought through each step of your plan. For example, you may need to think about how much time it will take to book an event space, invite a speaker, apply for a visa, create and share marketing materials, and so on.

Budget Proposal:

Post-Event Requirements:

  • Grant awardees must submit a final report within 30 days of the event date:
    • Evaluate the success of the event based on the program assessment plans outlined in the grant proposal, including a final budget summary (including receipts, if possible).
    • Tell us about the event, how did you make it successful, what would you change if you did it again, what did you learn?
  • Particularly well-written event reports may be adapted for publication in our student member magazine, inChemistry.
  • Include at least five photographs (highest quality possible).
    • If the proposed project is not executed or a final report is not received within 30 days of the event date, the chapter may become ineligible for future grants.