New Activities Grant Project Ideas

Professional Development/Team Building/Chapter Mentoring Activities
For chapters who propose to sponsor retreats/joint ventures with new and recently reactivated 2-year and minority-serving institutions to help chapters create and sustain viable programs and services. Ideal chapters applying for this grant will be healthy chapters with a history of successful membership recruitment and retention as well as a sustained history of sponsoring community/department service, NCW, social events as well as attending scientific meetings.

New ACS Student Chapter Mentor Program
To help fledgling chapters to obtain and maintain additional ACS student members in order to achieve the required number of national paid ACS student members needed for active chapter status. The Undergraduate Programs Office will provide one ACS student chapter package to a 2-year or minority serving institution with six paid student memberships seeking to establish or reactivate an ACS student chapter.

Student Transfer Programs
Proposed projects to assist 2-year college students with the transfer process to 4-year institutions, and in turn afford 4-year students the opportunity to interact with transfer students before reaching campus will be considered. Ideal projects would include ACS student chapters at 4-year institutions hosting receptions or departmental open houses for potential transfer students. Conversely, chapters at 2-year colleges would be encouraged to sponsor similar activities. Other possible ideas might include individual student mentoring programs, shadowing/buddy days, and/or holding joint ACS student chapter business meetings and events.