Student Inter-Chapter Relations Grant

Due to public health guidance around large group gatherings during the pandemic, this grant is closed to submissions until further notice.

Partnering with ACS Student Chapters can facilitate new ideas for programs and events, a larger pool of potential volunteers, and a wider perspective that comes from increased involvement with more Student Members. Student Chapters that are minimally active can also be invigorated by partnerships with those that are more active, and these collaborations can allow less active Chapters to participate in projects that they might not have the resources to do on their own.

With this in mind, ACS Student Chapters are eligible to receive up to $500 to support activities involving two or more Chapters ($750 for collaborations that also involve the local section). These funds may be used for a single activity or for several activities.  

Eligibility Requirements

  • Primary Host chapter must have ACTIVE status with the American Chemical Society
  • Obtain funds to match the amount of the grant funding request
  • Grant applications must be submitted by the student chapter and not by a faculty advisor

Project Goals/Requirements

Your project must meet the following requirements:

  • Actively involve other Student Chapters within a 120 mile radius.
  • Promote interaction through friendly competition, scientific sharing, or fellowship over a commonly-held interest.
  • Strengthen the network of your ACS Student Chapter to interact with ACS local sections, other ACS Student Chapters, and other chemistry enthusiast groups.
  • Include a tentative schedule with a completion date.
  • Submit a final report that includes a detailed project description, a list of sample activities, at least 5 photographs (at least 1 megapixel), an evaluation of results, and a final budget summary. We also require a member of your Chapter to write an article about your event for inChemistry magazine, due with your final report. If your project is not completed by the Final Report date, grant money must be refunded and a new grant proposal must be submitted.

How to Apply for the Grant

Program Coversheet This is a brief summary of the entire program. Should identify the following:
  • Name of host chapter and partners
  • Tentative program date
  • Funding request amount
  • Events overview
Program Proposal Provides detailed description of events to take place during the undergraduate program. This section should include:
  • Safety planning details
  • Special materials needed (audio/visual needs, food requirements, etc.)
  • Program assessment plans
  • Identify partnering institutions and their role in the project
Timeline Proposal A complete timeline should include:
  • 30, 60, and 90 day milestones (measured backward from program date)
  • Event communications and marketing plan
  • Final report date and submission of article for inChemistry (no more than 30 days after completion of the program) 
Budget Sheet Complete the Student Chapter Grant Budget Sheet and submit a copy in PDF format.

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