National Meeting Travel Grant for International Student Chapters


International student chapters are eligible for this $2500 grant if they meet the following criteria: 

  1. Chapter must be chartered outside of the United States or Puerto Rico (Learn how to become a chartered chapter)
  2. Have at least 6 paid members of the ACS
  3. Have a faculty advisor who is also a member of the ACS


Awarded funds will be wired to the chapter’s bank account once each traveler submits proof of valid travel documents (e.g. a visa, if necessary).

The international student chapter must have its own bank account in order to receive funds. If this is not possible, please contact to discuss options.

How can international student chapters use the funds?

  1. Funds must be used to support at least 1 student member's travel to the national meeting
  2. Funds can support a maximum of 1 faculty advisor's travel to the national meeting
  3. Chapter members traveling to the meeting will be required to register as a volunteer for the undergraduate program during the meeting
  4. The chapter will be asked to submit a final report outlining your experience at the national meeting

Application Instructions

Email a one-page document to that answers the following questions:

  1. Who from your chatper will be traveling to the ACS National Meeting?
  2. Why were these students/faculty chosen to attend?
  3. How will the chapter use the funds?
  4. How will the attendees share their experiences with the rest of their chapter when they return to their university?

For information on travel grants for domestic student chapters (US & PR) visit the National Meeting Travel Grant webpage.

Application Deadline for the
New Orleans Meeting

November 13, 2017