National Meeting Travel Grant for International Student Chapters

ACS international student chapters are eligible to apply for a $2,500 USD grant to support travel expenses associated with attending the ACS National Meeting

The application has closed for the upcoming ACS National Meeting in Boston. Check here for more information about the next grant cycle. 

Your international student chapter must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Funds must be used to support at least 1 student member's travel to the national meeting 
  2. Chartered outside the United States  
  3. Have at least 6 paid ACS members who are undergraduate or graduate students 
  4. Have a faculty advisor who is an ACS member
How can international student chapters use the funds?   
  1. Funds may be used to assist with meeting registration, lodging, and/or transportation costs. 
  2. Funds must be used to support at least 1 student member's travel to the national meeting. 
  3. Funds can support a maximum of 1 faculty advisor's travel to the national meeting. 
  4. Funds are awarded to the international student chapter and will be wired to the chapter (not to an individual student).
  5. Each student chapter is responsible for allocating awarded funds to the selected traveler(s).
  • Travelers are responsible for making their own arrangements, including securing a passport or visa if necessary, booking travel and lodging, registering for the national meeting, etc. 
    ACS will not transfer grant funds until proof of valid travel documents (e.g. passport, visa) have been received. Any costs associated with obtaining a visa, etc. must be paid by the traveler or student chapter. At the student chapter's discretion, grant funds may be used to reimburse these costs once the money has been transferred.  
  • Student chapter members traveling to the meeting commit to volunteering for the student program, at the discretion of ACS staff. 
  • A final report outlining the chapter's experience at the national meeting is due no later than 30 days following the meeting. Email reports to Eligibility for future grants is contingent on submission of the post-meeting final report.

Travel Grants for Domestic Chapters

For information on travel grants for domestic student chapters (United States & Puerto Rico) visit the National Meeting Travel Grant webpage.

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