Technical Division Innovative Project Grant

Deadline for Proposals: February 1 and July 1

Divisions are invited to apply for funding for up to two projects totaling up to $12,500. The maximum funding per project is $7,500. DAC may, at its discretion, reserve up to 10% of available funds to support division programs related to thematic programming. DAC reviews innovative project proposals in two cycles each year. The deadlines are February 1 and July 1.

Guidelines for Funding Innovative Projects

  • Proposals submitted by February 1 will be reviewed at the spring national meeting, and may be awarded, denied, or deferred. Funds for the awarded proposals will be transferred to the division treasuries no later than May 1. Deferred spring proposals will be reconsidered during the fall review cycle. Denials are effective for the remainder of the calendar year; for example, a proposal denied during the spring cycle cannot be resubmitted until the following calendar year.
  • Proposals submitted between February 2 and July 1 will be considered during the fall review cycle, and will be either funded or denied. Funds for the accepted proposals will be transferred to the division treasuries no later than December 31.
  • Divisions may be awarded funding for up to two projects totaling up to $12,500 in a calendar year, and may have no more than two active proposals during any one review cycle.
  • The IPG proposal may be submitted by any member of the applying division, but must be accompanied by a letter of support from the current division chair.
  • Funds must be used to support the proposed division projects and should be expended within a 1-2 year time period.
  • Funding may not be used for honoraria, cash awards, or for creating endowments.
  • Only proposals for forthcoming projects will be considered. Funding will not be considered for events/projects that have taken place prior to the proposal deadline.
  • Funds are intended to “seed” new ideas; therefore, proposals for continuation of an existing program or project in the division will not be considered.
  • No matching funds are required, but divisions should include a list of other funding sources being considered.
  • The funding request should include the appropriate contact names and information for the review timeframe, as the announcement of the recipients may span division officer terms.
  • Divisions that are recipients of these funds are required to submit a short report on the use of the funds and the effectiveness of the completed project. A status or final report on any previous year’s funding shall be submitted to the DAC staff liaison before any new funding for a subsequent year will be considered.
  • Proposals shall not be considered if the division’s secretary and/or treasurer annual reports are delinquent.

Activities could include:

  • outreach initiatives
  • young scientist recruiting
  • webcasting
  • divisional awards (no cash awards)
  • increasing minority participation in divisional activities
  • increasing participation in regional meetings
  • joint programming with outside Society organizations
  • intra Society collaborations (e.g. division and local sections)
  • joint academic/industrial/government participation
  • effective demonstrations or displays
  • public awareness
  • value-added initiatives to enhance division membership
  • divisional programs related to thematic and/or multidisciplinary programming

Email proposals to All proposals accompanied by letters of support received by the due date will be given full consideration by the DAC Divisional Enhancement Subcommittee.